File Formats: TrueType Font (.ttf)
EOT (.eot)
Web (.woff)

Copyright: Copyright 1990-1993 FontBank, Inc.

Style: Modern/Futuristic Stylized Regular Sans-Serif

Support: Full set of basic Latin uppercase capitals.
Full set of basic Latin lowercase small letters.
Full set of basic Latin numerals.
Basic set of characters for minimal Latin punctuation.

Version: Altsys Fontographer 3.5 2/9/93

Crandall font is created by and Copyright 1990-1993 FontBank, Inc. and reportedly released as a freeware font in 2015. Crandall is often referred to as "Crandall Regular".

FontBank, Inc. has since dissolved and has one registered agent, Jerry Saperstein in Evanston, IL. An attempt to contact Jerry by his contact telephone has failed (number no longer in service). The domain name,, is available for purchase.

I will be trying to reach Jerry Saperstein via postal snail mail, but as Crandall Regular already exists as freeware in numerous font repositories through-out the internet, including as a webfont, I will place this multi-format it available as freeware until I get documentation that contradicts the above, as I have never found any license documentation with this font other than the stiplation that it was either freeware or the license was unknown.

The fact that some font archive repositories do not know the license of this font is a bit concerning, as I have already incorporated it into my own works under the premise that it is a widely available freeware font used openly and widely on the web as a webfont.

Should this font have any license you are aware of, please inform us at Font-Journal through or as a comment on the font's homepage at:

If ever this font proves to have anything but a freeware license, it will be removed from the Font-Journal catalog and no longer available at the given address presented immediately above.