WebFont is a rather unique style of TrueType web font (#webfont) by Doug Peters (https://www.Doug-Peters.com aka: Douglas Peters) released and distributed as freeware under the SIL Open Font License.

This license allows the user to use this font openly in many exciting ways, and encourages its continued development. For more about this license, see the text file "License.txt" included in this official distriibution archive.

From the Authoring Designer:
"WebFont is specifically designed to have a tall playful wackiness that is easily legible and lends itself well to section headers. This font, though small in file size has a generous latin character set with added symbols and dingbats that I, as a designer, would like to have available for a website or app UI.

"There is a simple uniformity among the tall, blocky characters that is intended to (hopefully) lend an informal happiness while allowing for clarity.

"This font was designed especially for website use, though there should be no issues with it being used elsewhere.

"I hope you will enjoy it a fraction of how much I enjoyed making it.

"As well as supporting a large latin character set (Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended A and a variety of other Latin characters), WebFont supports a healthy number of punctuation characters and important symbols like the Copyright, Trademark, Service Mark, & Tel:, as well as a small assortment of Dingbats. I try to use Dingbats for the UI when I design websites, so I included a few without weighing the font down too much, and the font still loads quickly. After all, loading a vector based font for UI stuff is a lot easier and quicker than loading graphic files.

"Hopefully, if you use it as a web font on your website or in an app, you will add a link to my site, Font Journal (https://www.Font-Journal.com), in the credits of your website or blog (professional sites & blogs give credit for the resources used that aren't theirs), if you use it or distribute it, but that is not required."

UPDATE April 21, 2018:
Corrected the 0 and the x. I made the zero skinnier and corrected the x so that the cross-junction was better balanced between the top and bottom of the character (like the capital X). There still may be issues that may disqualify it from being included into the Google Fonts repository that I don't agree with. -DP

UPDATE November 12th, 2018:
Reduced the size of the dots in the dotted reference characters (in general punctuation). Reworked the capital Thorn and the small thorn to be more visually accurate.

I also tweaked the upper 'stem' of the 3 and made it less angled and cut the aperture of the lower bit a tiny bit shorter with a shorter shoulder (though I am not sure if I am applying these terms right in the case of a 3).

I'm not done with it, but I'm going to be real busy until well into the next year. I intend to finish out the Latin Extended B character set and add more UI elements when I can get back to working on it in 2019.

This is a freeware font, it (and successive derivatives) should never be sold. It can be included as a bonus or part of a paid collection, but it is a FREE software font (Freeware).

The official distribution archive with my own sample and character preview images, as well as this more complete documentation text file, has a home page at Font-Journal.com...
Short Link:

WebFont also has a development homepage where this archive and other incarnations might be found...
...you are invited to clone this font and make a version of your own at the above page on FontStruct.

I (the authoring designer, Doug Peters) have also submitted WebFont to Google Fonts on March 28th, 2018 (and later, the successive updates). As such, it is an issue at GitHub and you are invited to comment on the project.

This font was created and is Copyright by me, Doug Peters. This is my profile at at FontStruct...

I, Doug Peters, am a freelance artist, designer, tech and brand consultant. *I* run the Font-Journal, create fonts, graphics, handle tech support for personal computers (Windows and Mac) and do both technical, software, and brand integrity, recognition, protection & management consulting for small businesses, all while attending to various business focused websites that offer crucial internet industry services such as domain name registration, cloud hosting, managed WordPress solutions, virtual or dedicated servers, SSL encrytion certificates, e-commerce software and webmaster tools. Plus, I design logos & websites, produce videos, take photos, sell T-shirts and attempt art every once in a while.

(Websites using a www subdomain preface are not well suited to mobile devices, yet:)
https://www.Doug-Peters.com Personal Profile
https://Dougs.Work Photography
https://HDWebHosting.com Heavy-Duty Business Web Hosting
https://DomainHostmaster.com Domain Hostmaster
https://Domainance.com Domainance (Domain Registration & Host)
https://www.HyperlinkDirectory.com Resource Websites Directory (Rated G)
https://DomainPerfection.com Domain Name Challenges & Issues
https://Domainers.Name Domain Name Portfolio
https://PremiumBrand.Name Highlighted Domains
https://Salamander.US Website Design & Development
https://WDaDg.org Web Design and Development group
https://W3N.US/logo Logo & Quote T-shirts & Products
https://Font-Journal.com Freeware & Shareware Font/WebFont Repository
https://W3N.US/fm Fontmaster.US Blog

Other fonts by me...

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Without legal details, the quick run-down on the SIL OFL (Summer Institure of Linguistics OpenFont License) in quick summary:

You are allowed to use this font to style text in any media, including in ads and commercial projects. You may use this font in art or graphics, even to design company logos or create new artworks, though it should be important to note that this freeware font should be credited when an artist's work depends on it since the Copyright to the font design remains in tact, even if it is a free software font. This font may be redistributed as long as the original work remains credited. However, anyone may modify this font to suit their needs/wants/desires or create a new derivative font, as long as all modified versions and/or derivatives use a new and different reserved font name and that the new resultant font is redistributed under this same Open Font License (highly recommended: Update the font documentation to reflect your contributions to the new design).

For license specifics, see the text document, "OFL.txt", included in this documented distribution archive from Font-Journal. The SIL OFL 1.1 FAQ is also available online at:

In using this font you must comply with the licensing terms described in the file “License.txt” included with this archive. If you redistribute the font file in this archive, please include all the other files from this distribution archive, including this one and if the font is modified and distributed under a new reserved font name, please append the appropriate documentation and images accordingly.

All License specifics are detailed in the text document, "License.txt", included in this distribution archive, or you can access the SIL Open Font License Frequently Asked Questions just above this "LEGAL NOTICES" section.

Also, please note that the graphic background used in the WebFont_Sample.png preview image was from...


# Font Tools: #

Font Editor Software:

Ever want to create your own font?
Try Fontstruct at https://w3n.us/fs
It’s free, easy and it’s fun.
Fontstruct © 2018 Rob Meek.

FontStruct is a free online font building tool that I have used to make a few of my own fonts. Fontstruct is a free font editor available at which was the tool chosen to make this font - it’s fun, free, and easy to learn and use. You can even make your own version of this font with it, and there is a great little community of designers there that share with each other, though if you want, you may well keep to yourself and still use the font editor.


calligraphr allows you to scan your own hand lettered fonts in small character numbers for free, or with a large character sets with a subscription model.

You simply select the glyphs you want to include, then download a template, fill it in by lettering the characters using your own design, then scan it back into the PC/Mac/Linux/etc... and the online tool will create a font from your lettered template.


Another free font editor is a Linux based professional editor with support for most every modern font standard. Though it has been ported to other platforms, I have never been able to get it to run on Windows. It apparently runs great on Linux, Mac & Sun, and they are always working on the Windows version (I haven't tried to install it on Windows 10 and probably never will. I just installed Linux & FontForge on an old laptop and expect to be using it pretty heavily.


Fontlab Typography Suites:
If you would like to get yourself a decent font editor to create your own font(s) on your PC or Mac, I recommend Fontographer, although TypeTool might do the job, too. FontLab is the flagship typographic tool of the Fontlab company. However, do note that I do use Fontstruct online.


A Mac-only version of professional typography editors is Glyphs, which is also supported by FontStruct (allowing you to wireframe a design in FontStruct, export it, and then add the bezier curves you want in Glyphs).


Finally, an extremely reasonable priced font editor is a plug-in for either of the subscription models of Illustrator or Photoshop (Creative Cloud versions, only) is called FontSelf that is in use creating many modern profesional fonts today.


Getting Started:
There are a lot of online resources to help you get started creating fonts such as typography guides & learning type design...

The League of Moveable Type - Type Design 101 (font design course):

How to Design Beautiful Typography Fast with OpenType Features by Laura Busche; article on Creative Market:

Common Font Design Errors (on MyFonts):

Problems of Diacritic Design for Latin for Latin Script Typefaces (downloadable PDF on Gaultney.org):

Microsoft Typography Development - Character Diacritics Design Standards:

SIL.org 'Type Design Principles':

SIL's 'Script Source' Website: Character Blocks:

Latin Script Letters (Wikipedia):

If you need help making sure your font name isn't already reserved as a font name by someone else (all font family names should be unique), a good start is:

-That should be enough to get you started right. ;)

Submit Your Font:
Be sure to submit any font you might create or legally modify that we could use here. Any font that has a complete letterset (A-Z, a-z, 0-9 &+~!@#$%^&*()_=-`"':;<>?/|\[{}],.) that is freely distributable would be greatly apprectiated, especially if it is OK for commercial use. We also love fonts that can be used as web fonts. Be sure to use a unicode letterset when you save your work or the font simply won't display right here at Font-Journal. It's our most important requirement.

About Font-Journal:
Font-Journal is a cataloged archive of freeware and shareware fonts that I maintain for my small business, start-up and freelancing clients. I try to collect PC truetype freeware fonts that can be used for commercial purposes, and shareware fonts that can be used for commercial purposes upon registration and/or payment of the shareware fee. I also try to collect freely distributable web fonts of the same variety. The end result is a pretty decent font repository, although I can only work on it in my spare time, which I have little of.

https://www.font-journal.com Short Link: https://x.co/font

Submit to Google Fonts:
You can also submit your own font to Google Fonts. You can either use FontStruct to submit your finished SIL Open Font Licensed font which fulfills the required Google's required 215 basic glyphs (Google Font submission info is available on FontStruct), or you can submit it yourself. More info is available here, on how to submit your font to Google Fonts on GitHub:

(-I will update this Short Link at W3N.US if/when I find a better page on GitHub.com for this info.)

Font Cloud:
Font Cloud is a great place to store your fonts online so that if you need them, you can get them wherever you are as long as you have internet web access. This is a big deal with designers, publishers, printers, or absolutely anyone who relies on a custom font for a logo, letterhead, headline, content, documents, website UI, and all those appropriate webfonts. If you are designing fonts yourself, this may well be a necessity for you, so you can always access your projects. You will get considerable free space just for signing up with Font Cloud, and there are all sorts of options to expand your storage limits.


Collecting Quality Fonts:
If you are interested in grabbing commercial fonts for your own work, I am often showcasing commercial fonts that are free for a limited time, and quality freeware fonts that are OK for commercial use, at one of my fonts groups on Google+ or Facebook:

https://w3n.us/f0nts Fonts community at Google+ Communities.

And I have a blog where I often announce my latest font creations or showcase the fonts I like:

https://w3n.us/fm FontMaster blog on Google's Blogger.

About Me:
I started out as an motorcycle racer and mechanic. That didn't work out and I never got in a race car as planned. I wound-up as an illustrator, animator, doing some programming and tech support. Plus I have always been amatuer artist, photographer and videographer. I was designing logos, posters and graphics in college with Illustrator and Photoshop, and wound-up making a website portfolio just afterwards. A few people liked it and I wound-up as a freelance web design studio. Then I expanded into web hosting, then domain name registrations and servers, offering a complete set of webmaster tools as Domain Hostmaster. I then added the Domainance store in an effort to keep .name registrations and transfers available when our vendor dropped it. HD Web Hosting offers great domain hosting, cloud hosting and web server solutions with a free domain name for each paid hosting account, and a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for each and every domain in your account. Site Domains has been added to the list ensuring that I offer the best deals on domains between all the major registrars.

https://www.DomainHostmaster.com Short Link: https://x.co/dnames
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https://HDWebHosting.com Short Link: https://w3n.us/webhost
https://SiteDomains.com Short Link: https://w3n.us/domains

Nowadays, I am just trying to corner a peice of the domain name registration and website hosting space, offering more for less than most with better customer/technical support. Professional domainers, designers, developers, optimizers and webmasters do like how I keep prices as low as possible and that I add my expertise and value where I can. In my spare time I have other projects, such as designing my own fonts.

I do love to help where I can, so if you feel like reaching out to me, contact me via:


Free Informational Websites:
I like to create free informational & resource websites.
Font-Journal is just one of these sites.

I also have others that are small websites and blogs which have specific little bits of info that are related to domains, cloud hosting, web design, website promotion, social media and online marketing. I try to keep these sites up-to-date, as well:

https://Valuate.Info Intellectual property & digital asset valuations.
https://DomainPerfection.com My domain name industry blog (complete w/ the odd rant).
https://Domainers.Name My premium domain name portfolio & info.
https://PremiumBrand.Name Premium brand names showcase website.
http://StandardLogo.com 3D logo and website header image creation.
https://Glossaryindex.com Simple dictionary word (& soon tech term) lookup tool.
https://HTMLCharacterCode.com HTML character code reference lookup table.
https://MetaTagSEO.com Meta Tag SEO: Optimizing meta tags for better search recognition.
https://RobotsFile.com Using the rrobots.txt file to optimize SE web crawler effeciency.
https://phpinfoFile.com Find your webhost config without waiting for tech support.
https://www.Faviconvert.com Add your logo/photo as your website favorites icon (a 'favicon').

I am also currently working on a rather large and very cool website that will eventually unveil at:


'Mobile-First' Responsive Website Design:
If you are interested in getting a website designed for yourself or your business, I still do that at Salamader Design. Stop by and check me out there. I have a growing portfolio of sites I need to add there...

https://Salamander.US Short Link: http://x.co/SDesign

Intellectual Properties:
I also design logos and complete brand identity packages, as well as consult and educate people on business branding, including how to conceive, create, design, develop, manage, and protect their own intellectual properties and brand names. This is my primary interest and the whole reason I took control of my own names and brands when others failed me (miserably).

To further promote my business websites, I established a T-shirts & gear products sales page at:


That site also has a few slogan and cartoon style Tees, as well as gear that is available for purchase. The store also acts as a showcase for some of my own logos and brands.

Stock Photography:
Additionally, I try my hand at stock photography every so often. I especially like to take photos of wildlife, but it is hard to always get a good shot with wild critters like deer, turkey, pheasant, etc. But I try to get a few good shots now and again and submit them.

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https://w3n.us/freephotos Free stock photography on DreamsTime.
https://w3n.us/sellimages Sell your own images & photos on DreamsTime.

This Archive Presented by the Font-Journal:
This particular official & enhanced freeware font distribution archive has come to you (either directly or indirectly) by way of Font-Journal...

https://font-journal.com Short Link: https://w3n.us/font

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