Venice Classic
by soixantedeux
28 December 2006

This font is free. It may not be resold for profit; however, it may be
redistributed and sold at cost of redistribution. Distribute this font freely,
on the condition that this notice remain with it unmodified. The font, however,
may be modified on the condition that it is distributed under the same
conditions as above.

This is a hand-made TrueType version of the out-of-use Apple bitmap font
"Venice." I didn't make the original font; I did, however, make this font,
which is based very heavily on the original font.

If you like this font, feel free to let me know! My website, which contains
other things I've done, is located at, or if
that doesn't work, If you have any questions
regarding this font, contact me. Also, if you use this font somewhere and
you're particularly proud of the way you used it, don't hesitate to let me
know. :) I'm interested in what will happen to this font after I put it up for
download on my website.

Thanks for downloading Venice!