Blackletter free font family license
Free fonts by Dieter Steffmann:
Blackletter ExtraBold & Blackletter Shadow...

Included distribution archive versions:
Postscript Type 1, TrueType, OpenType, Web Open Font Format

Copyright (c) Typographer Mediengestaltung, 2001. All rights reserved.

By using this font you hereby agree to the terms of this license agreement as put forth in this document.

Personal use is allowed.
Charity work is allowed.
Commercial use is allowed.
Installable & Embeddable without restriction.
NO Derivatives are allowed.
-This means that you may not edit the font, modify the glyphs, extend the font character sets, or change the reserved font name using the source font file.

You may convert this font for use in other formats, or for use on other device platforms, so long as the font remains intact and is not modified or otherwise altered in any way, such as changing the reserved font names or altering any individual glyphs.

This font is distributed 'as is' without any warranty. Neither the author of Alpine font, nor any distributing party, shall be held liable for any damage derived from using this typeface.

You may redistribute this font, unchanged, in its original archive as freeware, but it may not be modified and you may not sell it, nor are you allowed to include it in any font archive, collection, distribution CD or DVD that is sold. Any means of benefitting from the distribution of this archive is strictly forbidden. On distribution websites, this font must be available to all visitors for no charge, without any membership fee requirement or a restriction by a necessary subscription.

This font may not ever be sold or published in any form without the expressed written permission by its respective author, Dieter Steffman. See contact info given previously for Dieter Steffmann to contact him.

The included font(s) may be embedded into any application such as a website, home page or mobile device app, independent of the number of the application users, as long as the application itself does not intend to distribute the font file(s) independent of its proper distribution archive.