TrueTypeFont: WolfsRain

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Wolf's Rain BONES

[I do not own Wolf's Rain or any of the related character[s] and or item[s] I just simply made the font]


|If This Font Is Distributed You Must Keep This ReadMe File With The Font Or Face Legal Action.|

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This Font Based Off The Anime Wolf's Rain.

Author| __Doc_


Web Site|


How To Install

Unzip The WinZip File (I only assume you have done this because you're reading this)

Put The WolfsRain.TTF in Your FONTS Folder Located Here


You May Have To Restart Programs That Use Fonts To See This In The Font Option

( i.e. Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, AOL Messenger )


All Letter,Numbers And Most Symbols

Kiba in Japanese | or ALT+0167

Tsume in Japanese | or ALT+0165

Toboe in Japanese | or ALT+0161

Hige in Japanese | or ALT+0191

Blue in Japanese | or ALT+0176

Cheza in Japanese | or ALT+0162

Wolf's Rain Logo | ~ (TILDE)

Wolf's Rain in Japanese | or ALT+0163

To Use ALTs -

Hold Down ALT Then Press The Numbers Then Release ALT


Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Character Map



I Have Inserted Some Images Into The Font Also

Kiba | or ALT+0134

Tsume | or ALT+0216

Toboe | or ALT+0181

Hige | or ALT+0182

Blue | or ALT+0177


Enjoy This All You Wolf's Rain Fans o_0


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|If You Have A Credits Page And You Have Used The Font; Give Me Credit ;) |



|I Doubt That Really Exists, Anywhere. Even Where The Scent Of The Flower Led Me.|

|This Place I've Struggled To Reach ... Is A Long Way From Paradise ... |