The enclosed font includes the following information:

Alexandria 1.0 Copr.1990 by Hank Gillette. This font is free. Version # 001.001

This font has had certain errors of construction corrected.

This is the on-line description from the Macintosh file libraries for this font.

Subj: Alexandria (Type 1)

Date: July 16, 1990

From: Tom Licht

File: Alexandria.sit (24301 bytes)

DL time (28800 baud): < 1 minute

Download count: 594

AUTHOR: Hank Gillette

EQUIPMENT: Any Mac, Post Script Printer or ATM

NEEDS: Stuffit

LIBRARY: MDP:Type 1 Fonts Vol. 1


A type 1 slab-serif font for the Mac. This font is based on the Apple bit-mapped font Athens, so if you need a big, ugly slab-serif font, this is the font for you! Free, of course.

This file was checked for viruses with Disinfectant v2.0 as well as other virus checking methods.