These fonts - and a few others - can be downloaded


These fonts are postcardware. If you like them, please send

a pretty postcard to my daughter (she's nine years

old... well, time passes... she's more like sixteen now...):

Karen Helene Jensen

Kildegaardsvej 134

DK-5240 Odense NOE


Feel free to distribute these fonts, but please keep

this text-file with them!

Listemageren, July 20, 1998/October 29, 2004 (yes, it's been a while...) -

PS: A note to Win3.1-users: due to the limited

fonthandling abilities of Win3.1, you may experience

difficulties with some of the more complex dingbat-

fonts. I.e you'll get a square on the screen instead

of a character. This has nothing to do with the font!

The only solution, I'm afraid, is an upgrade to Win95.

(Like I said: it's been a while... are there any win3.1-

users left these day..?)

PPS: many thanks to all the people throughout the

world who have send us cards, letters, stickers and

other nice things in return for either this font or

some of the others!! We regret, that we cannot always

find the time (or make out the exact adresses!) to

reply directly. A single post-card is enough to register

the entire collection!