by Doug Peters

Style: Playful.
Classified: Quirky or Whimsical.
Type: Blocky Sans (with a few Serifs)... Semi Sans?
Weight: (Heavy) Bold.
Web font: Yes.
Commercial use: Yes!
Derivatives: No.
Redistribution: Nope.

This is a (heavy) bold sans serif minimalistic block font with a couple of repeating themes in the ends and such. This font was created on the 22nd of July, 2013 and has been since updated to version 1.021 on the 21st of April, 2019 with a few tweaks in some of the characters and the font has now been kerned.

Copyright 2013 & 2019 Doug Peters ( or https://Dougs.Work) of Symbiotic Design (, all rights reserved worldwide, including creative and artistic rights.

I consider this freeware, but maintain my Copyright and only allow distribution only through fontstruct and my own journaled catalog of freeware fonts (@

Quick Summary:
This font is released under the Fontstruct license as freeware with credit attribution as a requirment for using this font for free in personal or commercial projects. You may, in fact, use this font as a web font as long as you do not distribute it or create a derivative font from it.

The Actual Legal License:
For the complete details on the license for this font, see the text document included with this archive, "License.txt", which provides the legal license for this font.

Credit for my original work IS greatly appreciated, and you only have to credit me with an active link from your website, blog, or in a public social networking post, with a link to any of my website URLs. I also sell domains and web hosting if ever you need the best spam-free solutions available online, anywhere.

Credit URLs:
https://Dougs.Work  (blog)

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The most recent official distribution release archive (as put together and documented by the authoring designer, Doug Peters) can be found at the Font-Journal at...
...this URL (and the Short URL) will always show the most up-to-date official release of this font.

The official release has had certain updates to the font info that are not available in the development version, so if you have a choice, download this version.

Struck was built with the free online font editor, Fontstructor, at This is where the development version can be found...
...however, please note that this version may not always be online if it is undergoing updates, and that this development copy does not contain the correct version information, nor even the proper font info. Please use the official distribution copy available at Font-Journal to get the correct font with the correct font info and documentation.

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