When I first started creating fonts (only a couple weeks ago) at FontStruct, I started a serif style heavy block font and this clean (much lighter) sans serif in lowercase. As I continued developing the serif caps and the sans-serif small letters together, I had to destroy one of these styles in order to complete the font. So I cloned the font I was working on, "Western Breeze", and created another which eventually I called "Broadbill". But instead of developing the small case characters I saw a variation and designed a new version of the serifs. Eventually, I cloned that "Broadbill" again and this is the resulting sans... "Pursuede".

I'm still wondering why I named it Pursuede. I guess because it seems more intriguing and it just seems like a more magical spelling that should be a good unique tag/font name and identifier for the search engines. I have a lot of faith in this one because I like how clean it is, and I really tried to make it a complete font.

The bottom part of the upper loops of the A, B, P & R are inversely looped upwards and that theme is echoed in other letters (E, F, G, H, Y, X & Y). The question mark and #4 also repeat this theme.

556 Glyphs, Unicode letter sets (Unicode has to be checked in order to preview uploaded fonts at Font-Journal.com).

Letter Sets:

'Full Basic Latin' (complete)

'Latin-1 Supplement' (complete)

'Latin Extended A' (complete)

'Superscripts and Subscripts' (semi-complete)


a couple characters from 'Latin Extended B'

a few characters from 'Greek and Coptic'

important 'General Punctuation' characters

a rudimentary set of 'Arrows' (left; up; right; down; left & right; up & down)

a few extra 'Currency Symbols' (British pound, Yen, universal currency)

a few 'Letterlike Symbols' (trade/service marks)

the card suite, crosses & miscellaneous symbols in 'Miscellaneous Symbols'

I started working on the first extended set of latin characters, but only just.

I also created a few of the Greek symbols if I could, using the box forms I had available at fontstruct. Some of those Greek characters are a little too round/curly/squiggly for me to attempt to reproduce without some new blocks. But the greek characters sometimes offer the same letters (ie: A, H, M, N, K & Y), so they were done with some variations over the original style in the latin set, so that there is a variety of character styles available should you need them.

It is intended to be a skinny font, so it probably won't look good on web pages unless you are using it for larger headings, logos and graphics.

I'm going to keep working on it, but will take a break from it for a while. I will be get back to it soon, though. I can't seem to keep my hands off of Pursuade. I definitely want to finish the extra 2 extended latin character sets and add at least a few more arrows and some dingbats, eventually.


Created (cloned) on Wed, 24th July, 11:34 PM 2013. Only used the lowercase characers and built on them.

July 27th, 2013: Updated some of the characters to more complete the style I was trying to communicate. Updated the and-sign and addressed some funky crap that didn't need to be there. It seems pretty clean, now. I hope it's ready for primetime.

August 1st: I added some miscellaneous characters such as currency signs, the TM symbol (which I finally found in Letter Like Symbols), an SM symbol (only mine is a subscript as traditional service marks should be), some arrows, a home glyph, bullet, and other stuff.

Then, on August 2nd, 2013 I finished off 'Latin Extended-A' at 2:50am.

August 4th - 5th: Added the important 'General Punctuation' characters, completed the 'Superscripts and Subscripts' letter set (as far as I can tell), added a few currency signs from 'Currency Symbols', created miscellaneous characters including the card suite and crosses in the 'Miscellaneous Symbols' letter set.

I'm calling this one done unless there are special requests for certain characters, or you point out a mistake I need to correct.