I found FontStruct.com and used this font to get to know the free online PC TTF font editor.

107 Characters.

Full Basic Latin Letter Set.

Unicode Letter Set Characters.

Sans-Serif Block style.


Created: Sat, 20th July, 8:22 PM 2013

This was my first font at FontStruct, I was just getting the hang of the editor, which is kind of primitive. And yet that is it a part of its charm because its free and I can't afford Fontographer.

July 29th, 2013

Updated the lower case characters by making them narrower (previously was a copy of the uppercase letters) and a bit different, but uniform amongst themselves. Cleaned up a stray block on the left parenthesis. Moved my logo to the Greek small phi letter because Fonstruct kept covering it up in the unused character space. Also added a Copyright symbol ().

August 2nd, 2013

Added trade & service mark symbols. Added TEL. Moved my logo to the replacement characters in the Specials group. Skinnied up all the small letters (still upper case, but now acts as an alternate skinny monospaced titling caps).

August 14th: I'm not happy with the small letters. Perhaps I'll make a lowercase set? I'm sort of stumped what to do with the small letters at the moment. The caps that are there now don't seem to fit with the uppercase. Perhaps I'll make alternate caps. I adjusted the space, it was too skinny and the words were too close together for the wider uppercase character set.