I'm not sure if anyone likes my fonts or not, but here's another go at it. This font started out as an attempt to make a logo for one of My online ventures, as I wanted to make a font to base the logo on, in the style I have in mind. As I built this font I found that I was having a great deal of difficulty because the serifs (simple flourishes) need to be available with the widest part resting at 1/2 block (and pointing in all various directions), but it was impossible to composite such blocks as I could not select or designate any empty blocks to be a part of that composite, thereby bringing work on that font to a halt.

It seems that I cannot make the kind of font I require for that website in Fontstruct, at least until I get to know it a lot better. Toying with things I realized how to create a different kind of font altogether. But as I created using those blocks under that premis, I was destroying My original font. So I saved it as a clone here (on July 24th, 2013). Now I can develop either font and they do look closely related. This is the original font and the second-choice intended design.

But now I need to come up with a name for this version of the font. As it is nothing like what I wanted to create originally, I guess I'll call it...


(a sort of Broadway/Playbill style art deco style serif block headline font)

This font has the full basic latin character set, the supplemental character set, and I just started on the first latin character extension package. It currently has 230 characters. Broadbill uses Unicode Letter Sets (which is essential to getting font preview images to display at Font-Journal.com).

Broadbill was intended to be a break from the other styles I've been producing here, and is my first serif font. It's taken a lot more time because of the serifs. I have tried to space this font out just a tad more than usual so that the serifs or adjacent characters don't run into each other.

I think the Broadbill font would look good as a decorative playbill font, or as a headline on posters and such.

I have tried to address certain spacing issues that occur because the serifs are exactly a half block wide, but it is this same inner round corner that makes up the top of most of the looped part of the characters, lending this font it's open style and giving it an almost stencil-like quality. The best thing would be to be able to set the letter spacing width at 1/2 block widths.

August 10th: Moved My Trademarks to the replacement characters. Changed the A & H crossbars slightly so that it's more consistent with the E & F. Redesigned the K. Also adjusted the B, P & R to conform more to the intended styling. I'm still looking for another a different style for the M & N. Modified the S to more closely reflect the desired styling. Changed the rounded lowercase letters and some of the numbers to more closely reflect the preferred styling.

August 11th: Added the TM, TEL & SM characters from Letterlike Symbols. Redesigned the M & N to keep more in theme with the open styling. Applied the same styling changes to the accented character counterparts. I have left a couple of alternate characters in (Y, W, X) because I am still playing with these ideas.

Unless we find anything else to fix, I think this should be good, at least for a while, now. I have a few other font projects I can't wait to tackle. But definitely get ahold of me if you see something that needs to be addressed, or if you have a special character request.