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This font, "Uset", uses "Tset" created by “OekelWm” and was redesigned by Douglas Peters*.

*NOTE: “Uset” was originally cloned (copied) from the FontStruction “Tset” ( by “OekelWm”, which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (

Notes on Uset font from Douglas Peters:

This is a basic, simple and clear bold sans-serif block font. I have tried to pay special attention to spacing. This font doesn't look very good in the smaller sizes because of the restraints put on the lower character set (size). However, I feel it can be stunning as well as clear in its simple form at larger font sizes. Check the included images in this archive for a few of examples of how good this font looks.

When cloned/ported on July 29th, 2013, Tset font (created in 2008) had 70 characters, with the uppercase letters duplicated in the lowercase characters set. Now the derivative, "Uset", has corrected most of the capital letters, boasts a whole new set of lowercase letters, and even adds more punctuation including the Copyright symbol, Registered Trademark symbol, and a few other characters I find myself using often. Now, "Uset" (name derived because U comes after T in the alphabet, so this is the U set after the T set) has 111 usable characters (if you don't include the 2 different versions of my Logo - Greek Letter Phi upper and lowercase - and all of the Fontstruct logos that are placed in mostly unusable portions of the font character map).

The Uset font is Copyright OekelWm & Douglas Peters ("Symbiotic Design") from and distributed as Freeware under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. See license details in the included License.txt file in this archive.

Files inluded in this Archive:

License.txt (The license)

ReadMe.txt (This file)

Uset.jpg (Full color JEG graphic image font type sample)

Uset.ttf (The TrueType Font format file)

Uset-font.png (Portable Network Graphic image font type sample)

Uset-text.gif (GIF image font type sample)

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