Western Breeze


Originally branched from the developing Broadbill font's uppercase character set.

* Unicode Letter Sets

* 128 Characters (Full Basic Latin Characters Letter Set and a few extra symbols such as the cents sign, $, Copyright and Registered Trademark, symbols we often need. I'm trying to keep this one light so that IF it works as a webfont it will make a quick download.)

The style? Serifs usually pointing down or to the left are present, but no serifs that would normally point to the right. When using the caps for titling it gives the impression that a breeze runs over the characters from right to left, or that they are moving to the right. When appropriate, this style is carried over into the lowercase letters, numbers and other miscellaneous characters.

This has evolving into something else though, completely different than the font I cloned it from, though there are some similarities, still.

I wanted to call it Westwind, but there is whole collection of fonts by Westwind, so "Western Breeze" was my second choice (and my original thought before Google informed me that Westwind might be pretty darn inappropriate).

Oh, the Pursuede font branch saved the lowercase sans-serifs once I figured out how to do some lowercase serifs. It really has no other relation to this font, as the two branches of fonts are completely disimilar. I just happened to be working on them both, simultaneously.

If anyone prefers the softer holes in the characters (see the history for an explanation of what I mean), I can clone it and put them back in for you using a different font name, but I like this one like this.

If you have any suggestions on any special letters/characters you would like added, let me know. I will be happy to add a few.

Once I was done I did notice that the new NFL Vikings uniforms have a similar style to reflect motion (in the opposite direction), but in a boxier font. I might try that for the heck of it. ;) But I have a lot of font projects I want to get to, so don't wait for it, if you want it and it's not in my portfolio, make one! ;) Or commission me for one. ;)


July 24th, 2013:

I ran into a few issues with spacing.

July 28th, 2013:

I used the serif styling in the caps to help resolve the spacing issues. Eventually, I carried that style throughout all the caps that could logically support it, design-wise.

August 7th, 2013:

Moved my logos to the replacement characters in Specials. Made small changes to the S, a, f, m, s, t, and y to address styling and spacing issues. Added TM, TEL and SM symbols in Letterlike Symbols. Adjusted the Polish alternative character (S w/cedilla) to reflect the changes I made in the S. Also tried to put a little more space than I usually do between the letters so that the serifs don't run into the next letter (but this looks kind of unavoidable at small sizes).

August 13th:

Edited the A, B, H, f & t to reflect more of a breeze/motion. Changed the r. Looped the tail end of the L & t up a hair more so that spacing looks better. Because certain letters had a hole instead of a hard stop on one side to reflect the the shape of the letter better, I took out the soft round corners on one side of the B, D, P, R, b, d, m, n, p & q.