The TTF Font accompanied in this file archive with the reserved font name of “Western Breeze” (henceforth herein referred as 'This Font'), was created, designed, and is Copyright 2013 by Douglas Peters, all rights reserved. This Font is distributed under an "All Rights Reserved" Freeware digital software license, meaning that the authoring artist reserves all rights to his Copyright, but distributes This Font in its archive as Freeware under the following provisions:


Do Not redistribute! This Font is distributed as licensed Freeware under an 'All Rights Reserved' license, no other distrubition is granted. This Font is only available for download at (the author's cataloged premium Freeware TrueType font journal) and at (the online font authoring software system used for creating This Font). See the associated 'ReadMe.txt' file associated with this archive for the hyperlinks to these distributions.

Use of This Font:

Fair use of this font is expected to mean that a person or entity may use it fairly, as fonts are expected to be used in our everyday lives, installed on a computer or computerized device and used to enhance the presentation of type whether published (hard copy, such as printed paper documents) or produced (digital, such as user interfaces and software dialogue). This Font can be used as the base digital type, or any part of the typeface style used, for & in documents and publishing. Use of this font does not include its alteration, modification or appending in any way with the provisional exception granted to converting the digital font media to other computer/font software platforms for portability.

Contact the artist (details given below) to request or commission modifications or additional characters or for other work done to This Font (or to commission a custom font).

Unless revoked by breach of contract or by the determination of the Copyright owner, the bearer and/or user of This Font is hereby granted the non-exclusive, non-distributable, fair use of this font for personal, public or commercial purposes with the exception of use being denied under any circumstance of criminal activity.

Private use includes your own personal documents, resumes, small personal intranets and computer software user interfaces for your own projects.

Public use includes work that is public, but is not considered commercial, such as non-profit work, publications, software, even large private intranets, non-profit organization websites and publicly accessible personal homepages.

Commercial purposes denotes any use of the font to enhance or style any presentation, computer or device software interface or attempt to profit, even in the most negligible way. Obviously, advertising would be commercial use, but commercial purposes includes all commercial business use. This includes business which is performed for the purpose of conducting business that will not generate a profit, or may even generate an expense. If, for example, the font is used as the fineprint of a contract between two parties that is neither beneficial to either party but is a necessary part of conducting business in order to make money on another level, this still denotes a commercial purpose. Generally, all business by business is considered a commercial purpose on a global scale unless conducting business for or on the behalf of a non-profit organization.

All of these fair uses (private, public and commercial) are granted as long as there is no criminal activity involvement at any level. No use of This Font is granted in the pursuit or execution of any criminal activity what-so-ever. As the author considers 'spam', otherwise known as unsolicited email or postal mail, as a crime against humanity (and an injust taxing of both makind and business resources), this font can not be used to produce spam of any kind. If you use this font in pursuit of, or while conducting a crime, in any way (including for spam of any type), the artist has every right to sue you for everything you have for breach of this contract, as well as defaming his brand (and for being such an idiot).

Please remember not to redistribute This Font, including through sales, in collections or even just giving it to a friend. No redistribution rights are granted, including portable hard drive, compact disc, DVD, Blu-ray, flash memory media, or any other electronics media, storage or device other than from the official online resource hyperlinked addresses listed in the ReadMe.txt file.

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Modification of This Font is expressly prohibited except to convert between font, computer or device platforms as required for portability. Otherwise, the alteration of, appending to or subtracting from original visual integrity of This Font is in violation of this agreement, it should only be used intact as distributed. You may not, under any circumstances, redistribute this archive, or the font file in this archive.