Kindegraf is a 103 character pixel PC TrueType font created with the Unicode Letter Sets option in FontStructor.

Freehanded with a mouse to give the impression of a kid's scribbly handwriting.

The uppercase letters are purposely left facing the proper directions, while the $, e, n & s are purposely facing in the wrong direction to leave a "childlike mind" impression.

Just a little experiment to toy with when I get home after unloading a truck too tired to think.

Remember, this is a pixel font, it displays best as a 64 pixel font, so don't expect a lot beyong that, though it is optimized for Flash.


Created: 4:03 AM Monday, the 29th of July, 2013.

August 2nd, 2013:

Renamed from Integraf to Kindegraf. Went from 26 characters (+ space) to 100 today (not counting the space & my logo). Has the primary punctuation (full basic Latin letter set package), The Copyright, Registered Trademark, TM Trademark and Service Mark characters, plus the Cents and Dollar Sign symbols.

August 13th: Added the newer version of my logo.