STATE font description:

STATE is conditional use Freeware distributed under an "All Rights Reserved" License (see License.txt in this archive for terms of use).

Created August 17th, 2013 by Doug Peters.

105 Characters, including the full Basic Latin Letter Set and the trade/service mark characters.

Unicode Letter Sets option.

I've always wanted to create this font, thanks to FontStruct, I finally can. Although there still may remain a few issues such as the lowercase x, I am pretty happy with it overall. It's still a work in Progress, though.

I am actually pretty proud of the time I spent at State (South Dakota State, that is). This font is dedicated to that time, that college, those memories.

The full Basic Latin Letter Set is present, though the small caps are alternates for the primary uppercase letters. That said, I set it up for myself with my favorite version of the caps in the lowercase set, because I'm lazy and don't like pressing the shift key to get my favorite version of the character. The exceptions there are the x and the z. But it's just not appropriate for me to switch those. ;)