Goforit font is Copyright 2013 Douglas Peters (http://www.DougPeters.com) and is released as conditional use Freeware under the following "All Rights Reserved" license.

Douglas Peters (aka Doug Peters or DP), the original creator, author, designer and artist of the PC TrueType font in this distribution archive, with the reserved font name of "Goforit" (Goforit.ttf), henceforth here-in referred to as "This Font", is released as freeware under an "All Rights Reserved" conditional license on August 17th, 2013 to the general public, worldwide.

Conditions of Use:


All rights are reserved. Specific use of this font is granted to those wishing to do so, under the following conditions:

The user may not use This Font while planning or commiting a crime.

The user may freely use This Font to style type in documents and interaces, both printed and electronic, for private, public or commercial use.

The user understands that the original author, and any contributing parties, hold the Copyright to This Font and may deny him/her permission to use it should they feel a breach of the terms of this license has occurred.

The user may not share or otherwise redistribute this font unless he/she has changed, modified, altered, enhanced, appended or otherwise contributed to the creative evolution of This Font. Approved methods and examples of change, modification, alteration, and/or appending this font include changing the style to communicate a subtly different perception, enhancing the curves of the font's characters, enhancing the style, porting the font to a new font or computerized device platform, appending new characters, adding accented characters or dingbats, etc... In such an event that a user has changed/modified/altered/enhanced/appended This font, they are allowed and encouraged to then redistribute the new font if they will document their work in the included documents and redistribute it with this very same license intact.

In the case that This Font is creatively touched and redistributed, the following files are expected to always accompany the font distribution archive:

Description.txt (Notes and History of the evolution of This font, expected to be updated as the font is).

License.txt (Appended to share Copyright of creative changes to the font, but must otherwise remain intact).

ReadMe.txt (Information on where to find This Font and future incarnations of This Font given by web URL).

I would also appreciate it if the new work at least came with an image that sampled the complete character set.

Upon any further sharing or redistribution of This Font, this license must remain intact and in affect.

Original contributing artist/designer/creator of This Font: http://www.Doug-Peters.com

Original source of the original distribution of This Font: http://www.Font-Journal.com

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