Description of the font: 70's Style Overlap 3D:

70's Style Overlap 3D


- Copyright by Douglas Peters 2013.

- Released as licensed Freeware with special stipulations under the Creative Commons license (see License.txt for info) on August 23rd, 2013.

- Uses the Unicode letter sets.

- Outline font.

- Shadow font.

- Isometeric 3D font.

- Flash optimized font.

- Inspired by the works of Robert Crumb.

- Designed to display the first character of every word, and the first character after a word break (such as a hyphen, apostrophe or other punctuation) as a capital letter.

This is a pet project I have been mulling over for quite some time. This is how I used to design my posters in high school, with overlapping print. I think I got in this habit after checking out one of those "Keep On Truckin'" Posters by Robert Crumb. Of course, these were done in sort of a balloon style, and that's what I would do as well. So it will probably take a couple tries for Me to get it just right, but I don't think this is a bad start.

There are, of course, some special challenges associated with doing this kind of thing that the pen easily makes up for. I decided to use some faux shadowed edges to allow the underlying character to work with the overlap of the F, P & R.

As I am sure you can tell, the first letter of every word should be capitalized. Then, all the other letters in that word should be lowercase unless there is some punctuation such as a hyphen or apostrophe that will break the letter connectors. So of course you would then have to capitalize the following letter and can then go from there with lowercase until the next word (or word break).

This one can be share/use/modify Freeware that retains my Copyright as the original artist as long as my logos remain intact, no one uses it for criminal activity, and no one charges anything for it (even as a part of a collection, see License.txt for the complete Freeware license details).

I think I'll stop messing with this one now unless someone sees something that needs to be addressed. Feel free to download, port, modify, etc. Just be sure to give me credit for what I did. I would appreciate it if my logos remained in tact, there are all sorts of other places to put your logo as a contributing author/designer/artist.

Because this is Freeware (freely available Copyrighted licensed software), you do not have to pay anyone anything to use this font. If, however, you would like to support the artist's continued development of Freeware PC TTF fonts, you may donate to him using PayPal via his email address. He also is desperate for a legal copy of Fontographer (contact him for more info at the same email address).

Thanks for your support!



August 21st, 2013:

OK, Getting ready to release it as Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike Freeware (maintaining My Copyright). Clone it, alter it, modify it, add to it, subtract from it. Come up with a better and-sign, etc...

Added both parenthesis, the capital O with a slash through it, and a pretty horrific and-sign.

Everything but my 2 logos (sitting in Specials as replacement characters) was intentionally done as an outline font (using the tools available in the FontStructor, of course).

I think this one is actually quite usable for some 70's style posters and projects, though it remains a work in progress as I might add some more shadowing as a part of the theme.

I've tried it out at very small and think it is still legible as a 12 pixel font, though I would really recomend keeping it big and then have fun coloring in the letters.

Although not quite a full Basic Latin Letter Set, the main characters are there, plus I threw in a , TM, TEL, and SM.

Added the Registered Trademark Symbol.

Decided to take on the shading and made it a sort-of isometeric 3D font.

August 22nd:

Still finishing the shading.

Alright, at first I kept everything very legible. But as I did, I lost that overlapping effect. But this font isn't meant for 12 pixels. It's meant for poster headlines. So I skinnied it up a bit, making the lowercase letters look more like they are resting underneath the previous letter. When you print the word "Little" (as an example) it is still legible, but a little cryptic at the same time.

All the isometeric 3D shading is fauxed in. That is, I had to play with the shading in order to make this work. Sometimes the shading is at one angle, sometimes another. Sometimes the shading goes on too far (in the P, p F, f) just to give the next letter a place to connect to, a place to rest under.

August 23rd:

Renamed to "70's Style Overlap 3D" and edited the underneath shadow of the bottom plane of the top of the curl of the question mark. Updated my logos to reflect the style of the font.



1. Not to be used for, in the execution of, during or in the planning of a crime. The original artist does not contribute to moral stupidity.

2. If shared, distributed, and/or redistributed, it should be as the original archive, with all the files available, complete and intact.

3. Not to be sold, ever, alone or as a part of a larger collection without the expressed written consent of all the authoring parties.

4. License Stipulation for this Font Concerning Modifications:

Furthermore, the modification, adaptation, appending, alteration and enhancement of this font are allowed as long as the 2 joined DP Trademarks remain complete, unaltered and intact within this font as the 2 replacement characters in the Specials group letter set.