Tonder Font Description


PC TrueType Font (conversion to other font formats and computerized platforms is permitted).

Copyright Douglas Peters (aka Doug Peters or DP) -

Conditional Use Freeware (freely available, no derivatives, non-redistributable licensed as-is software)

Unicode Letter Sets

172 characters (including the space and 2 of the original artist's logos)

Sans-serif (aka: gothic style typography, but NOT gothic lettering as in blackletter)

This one is all about clarity. I am hoping to get a decent web font after all that work. :)

Tell me if there are any characters you would like to see.


August 14th:

All the characters but the lower case letters in the Basic Latin letter set. The numbers and colons still need some work.

August 15th:

Did the lowercase characters and fixed the colons.

August 19th:

Removed the micro colon from above the extended and-sign arm.

August 23rd, 2013:

Released as conditional use, non-redistributable, no derivatives freeware under my Copyright with an "All Rights Reserved" license.