The TTF Font accompanied in this file archive with the reserved font name of “Base 10” (hence and herein referred as 'This Font'), was created, designed, and is Copyright 2013 by Douglas Peters, all rights reserved. It is ditributed exclusively through the artist's own distribution channels as "All Rights Reserved" Freeware (free Copyrighted and licensed software) allowing users to freely use it under the following conditions...


Do Not redistribute! This Font is distributed as licensed Freeware under an 'All Rights Reserved' license, no other distrubition is granted. This Font is only available for download at (the author's cataloged freeware font journal) and at (the online font authoring software system used for creating This Font). See resource links below for more information.

Use of This Font:

Unless revoked by breach of contract or by the determination of the Copyright owner, the bearer and/or user of This Font is granted the non-distributable, non-exclusive use of this font for personal, public or commercial purposes. Just be sure not to redistribute it, including through sales, in collections or even giving it to a friend.

Do not make derivatives of this font. Please contact the author if you would like to make alterations, modifications or additions to this font's character set (see the resource links below for contact info). However, you may port this font to other font formats or computerized platforms in an effort to make it as portable as possible. If you do port the font to a different font/computer/device, please send the artist a copy and he will try to include it in future distributions.


Support is available through the artist's website, or through the artist's PayPal donations email address of (donations are gladly accepted and help the artist continue to produce art, as well as design and develop digital media, including new PC TrueType fonts).

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