The non-distributable freeware TrueType Font (TTF) file in this archive, "Base10" (Base10.ttf), was created using Fontstruct the free, online font-building tool.

This font was created by & is © 2013 Douglas Peters*.

The most up-to-date official public release of this font archive by the author is available online on Font-Journal at this font's following homepage:

...under a non-distributable, no derivatives Freeware (free for personal, public and commercial use) license.

This font also has a homepage where the most up-to-date version (which includes any possible experimental version) of this font may be found:

...under a non-distributable, no derivatives FontStruct license.


“Base10” font was originally cloned (copied) from the FontStruction


...also by Douglas Peters.

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Font-Journal is an online catalog of Freeware TTF fonts maintained by this font's designer, Douglas Peters, as a means of providing his customers and clientel viable options for selecting a font suitable for designing a logo, so particular attention is paid to quality and preference is given to fonts that are free for personal, public and commercial use.

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Author, creator, designer, Copyright holder and artist; Doug Peters:

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PayPal donations & email contact address:

...or contact him through his FontStruct profile:


In using this font you must comply with the licensing terms described in the file “License.txt” which is included with this archive.

You may not, under any circumstances, redistribute the font file or this archive, users must download it from one of the authorized distribution points (listed above as the font homepage).

Users are allowed to port this font to other font formats and/or computers and/or devices so long as they send a copy to the author through one of the contact channels above.

However, this font should not be used to produce any other derivative fonts.