This is the official font distribution ReadMe text file for the font with the reserve name of "Bled" in the "Milton Serif" font family. The TrueType font file, 'Milton_Serif_Bled.ttf' should report its name to the OS as "Milton Serif Bled Medium". This release is Version 4 and includes minor cosmetic touch-ups.

"Milton Serif Bled Medium" is Copyright Douglas Peters (aka: Doug Peters or DP) 2013. Contact the artist via:

See below for LICENSE details.

Milton Serif Bled Medium


- Loaded with useful European characters for Czech, Duetsch, Espa˝a, Franšais, Greek, Italiano, Polski, Scandinavia, Turkish, Cyrillic, Ligatures, Math and Punctuation.

- Hand printed font intended to copy a serif typographic style.

- Very legible, yet stylishly 'sloppy' print, complete with marker ink bleed.


The Greek Capital Letter PHI holds My Trademark. Greeks should use the Cyrillic Capital EF, which is identical. CYRILLIC CAPITAL LETTER EF: U+0424 (Decimal 1060).



Milton_Serif_Bled.ttf (The font file)

Milton-Serif-Bled_Chars.png (This image samples the full character set)

Milton-Serif-Bled-Medium_Preview (The textual preview image of the font using certain effects)

ReadMe.html (A better version of this file with pictures and hyperlinks)

ReadMe.txt (This file)



This file is distributed as conditional-use Freeware under the Creative Commons

Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License with the following conditions...

License Deed:

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Artist's Conditions of Use:

1) Never sell this font, not even as a part of a larger collection. It must remain free, always, never sold nor a part of any sale.

2) If you share this font, share the original archive, to be sure that all the distribution files are present, untouched and in tact. It can always be found at:

3) Although this font is freeware, this one is not for commercial use without My permission (my contact info is given below as the last line in this document).

4) No derivatives. If you want it customized, I can do that for you. Or make your own font:

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