TrueType Freeware Font 'Furthyle'


(Originally a clone of 'fs switch'.)

I really liked opipik's 'fs switch' font (obviously) and it taught Me a few lessons in using filters in the FonStructor.

I really liked the style, especially of some of the characters in particular, but I wanted to carry it through a little farther, a bit more extreme. Plus, there were only the basic 52 upper and lower case characters, with an alternative z and o (54 characters total). I liked it and thought it should be completed.

Please note that I think that opipik did a great job on the original fs switch, I simply saw an opportunity for a certain style based on his and I am thankful he allowed us all to share in his creation allowing for modifications to the font as well as unrestricted use.

The resulting font is called 'Furthyle'.

It's kind of fun to play with a little font as a break from working on those really big ones, too. I think I did modify every single letter, except for the alternate o & z, in order to exaggerate the style I liked in some of the characters in 'fs switch'.

Thanks to opipik for sharing it, obviously it will remain a cloneable, editable & freeware font. Feel free to modify it yourself, as well to port it to other formats, systems and platforms. Just note our work with your own work

The more I work with this, the more I think I may have seen it before, so I apologize if it's not really new, but I have searched and didn't see one quite the same style (not completely).



The font file in this archive was created by Doug Peters* using 'fs switch' as a base, with Fontstruct, the free online font-building tool.

Oct. 2nd:

Cloned 'fs switch' to become the base of this font (with 54 letter characters).

Made My style changes.

Added Numbers.

Started Punctuation & Symbols.

Added the Service Mark, TEL & Trademark Symbols in the Letterlike Symbols letter block.

Added an alternative SM and My logo in this font style in Specials letter block.

Finished off the Basic Latin letter set, started on the first Latin Extended letter set.

Oct. 3rd:

Flipped the W and w as 'architaraz' (his username on fontstructcom) so correctly suggested.

Trimmed the TM symbol down, but kept the larger version as an alternative in the Specials letter group.

Updated the official font release archive at...

*NOTE: “Furthyle” was originally cloned (copied) from the FontStruction “fs switch”... by “opipik”.

NOTE FOR FLASH USERS: Fontstruct fonts (fontstructions) are optimized for Flash.

Fontstruct ( is Copyright ©2013 Rob Meek.



In using this font you must comply with the licensing terms described in the file “license.txt” included with this archive. If you redistribute the font file in this archive, it must be accompanied by all the other files from this archive, including this one. If you contribute to the creative evolution of this font, be sure to take credit for your work in this text file, but the derivative font, no matter what it is called, in all its revisions and evolution, must remain under the same license as originally distributed.



If you would like to support the artists/authors who designed this Freeware font:

The original artist is “opipik” whom laid the base of this font and inspired yet another new style for it...

Douglas Peters is the contributing artist that saw this as a suggested style, used 'fs switch' for its base, and ran with it to create 'Furthyle'...