SDSU Collegiate font

The font (or 'FontStruction') “SDSU Collegiate” was created by Doug Peters in 2014 and is Copyright Doug Peters (aka Douglas Peters). It is released under license using the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, and is considered a "Free Culture" freeware font.

Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license summary:

Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike legal license document:

Please follow the instructions provided at the license link provided above for details concerning the license for this font. However, as a quick summary, this is a true freeware font and nothing is obligated for its use. You may use it in your own creative works or even modify it and create a new work out of it. This font is also OK for use as a web font on your website. We do expect that the original author gets credit for his contribution (a link to one of his websites would be greatly appreciated).

The original authoring artist (Doug Peters) will always appreciate credit for his work. If you use, publish, produce, modify, alter or append this font, the original author and Copyright holder of this font, Douglas Peters, would appreciate a link back to his site and asks that you consider using one of his low cost professional services. Artists that modify, edit or append this font should take credit for their work and declare their own Copyright on their contribution, as well.

Distribution in any form is considered fair use as long as the original archive (all of the original files) are kept and updated to reflect its development, for any further redistribution. For a complete file list of what was included in this distribution archive, see the SDSU-Collegiate_ReadMe.txt text file.

Contributing artists should note their contributions to the work and update the included files or include new files and update the file list, as necessary.

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