The freeware PC Truetype font “Sketchy”
by Douglas Peters is licensed under a
"Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike" license

This font is free for personal, public or commercial use. It may be ported, adapted, modified, appended, extended, enhanced, restylized, edited, modified or otherwise changed to suit your needs, wants and/or desires, as long as the original author, Douglas Peters ( is accredited with his original contribution.

The official distribution of this archive can be located at:

You may redistribute this archive in its original form with all files in tact, or you may modify/edit/append the font and append the accompanying documents as necessary, noting your contribution to the font/art/work.

The official file list for this public distribution archive is:
sketchy.ttf (the font file)
sketchy_License.txt (the license info)
sketchy_ReadMe.txt (info about this font)
sketchy_Preview.png (a preview image of the font in use)
sketchy_Characters.png (this font's full character set)

The font itself and all derivatives of the font, must always remain under the "Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike" license, without exception.

This font also has a development URL, where the current version under development is maintained. Please note that the development version may be being updated and yet unfinished:

"Sketchy" is originally a pixel font. You do not have to keep it that way. I am working on another version with smoother lines and curves, as well.

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