Monda by Vernon Adams

Freeware Regular TrueType Web Font

The Monda font family is a free font family. The Monda Fonts are designed to be used freely across the internet by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.

Monda is a sans serif web font that is open and legible across a variety of computers and computerized devices.

Distributed freely as a freely distrubutable web font for widespread internet use (private or commercial use) under the SIL Open Font License (see OFL.txt for specific license details). Font may be used, studied, modified and redistributed as long as it remains free and is distributed under the same SIL Open Font License (see OFL.txt for specific creative license details).

Included in this font distribution archive are:


Monda Regular TrueType Font File (Monda-Regular.ttf)

Monda Bold TrueType Font File (Monda-Bold.ttf)

Monda Font Info (Monda-Info.txt)

SIL Open Font License (OFL.txt)

Vernon Adams also goes by the label 'New Typography'

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