Abyssia by lldaddy

TrueType Font

Abyssia provides an unusual optical illusion as a recessed sans, initial caps (upper case only), modular freeware TTF web font.

The font in this archive is licensed as freeware under the Creative Commons Attribution - No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. Both free personal and commercial use is acceptable, however, please see the links included in the License.txt file for details and specifics on what is considered fair and legal use of this freeware software.

The font file in this archive was created using Fontstruct, the free online font-building tool.

This font has a homepage where this archive and possibly other versions may be found:


Try Fontstruct at http://fontstruct.com

It’s easy and it’s fun.


Fontstruct fonts (fontstructions) are modular fonts, optimized for Flash.

The font in this archive is a pixel font, best displayed at a font-size of 32.

This font can be embedded in a website or blog.

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This font was created by “lldaddy”.

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Remember that the Abyssia font is an initial caps font, where the letters exist in the upper case register, only. Lowercase letters do not exist and there are only rudimentary punctuation characters (.,;:'!?$). If you use any characters that don't exist in the font, you wind-up with a negative of the FontStruct logo, which can be visually uncomfortable.

This particular Abyssia TrueType font distribution archive was downloaded from Font-Journal, the freeware and shareware TTF font repository that specializes in collecting freeware fonts which are acceptable for commercial use (as web fonts or for logos and advertising, etc..).

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Do not modify this font. Fair use prohibits derivatives (see “License.txt”).

In using this font you must comply with the licensing terms described in the file “License.txt” included with this archive.

If you redistribute the TTF font file, Abyssia.ttf (in this archive), it must be accompanied by the following files: ReadMe.txt & License.txt

You do not need to include this origination & info text file, Abryssia.txt, as it was not a part of the original archive (although, you may).