Neuropol font (designed and updated) by Ray Larabie

TrueType Font

Neuropol is a futuristic, regular weight, rounded ends, minimalistic sans-serif freeware TTF block font that is well suited in sci-fi or techno settings.

This is a freeware font Copyright 2015 Ray Larabie, with commercial use allowed.

This distribution archive includes the font (neuropol.ttf), the license document (typodermic-eula-02-2014.pdf), a font info readme document (read-this.html) and this distribution archive info note text file.

The font designer, Ray Larabie, is a legendary font designer, having contributed hundreds of freeware and commercial fonts (through his font foundry, Typodermic Fonts), many of which have become standard staples in the modern typeface toolbox for designers worldwide.

This is a 2015 update/rework and rerelease of the original 1996 freeware version of Neuropol, a wide, starkly futuristic typeface created by font great, Ray Larabie. The design is based on rounded squares which were popular in earlier techno fonts such as Microgramma, Digital and Chimes. The superelliptical stroke ends give Neuropol a harmonized appearance. Truncated horizontal strokes suggest lasers or vector-beam traces. Over the last few decades, several Neuropol related font families have been released. See the links below for previously released versions.

This latest version of the original Neuropol design includes many improvements: better kerning, higher dots on i and j, cleaner curves, heavier accents, more language support, more punctuation, the latest monetary symbols and a better @ symbol. If your application supports OpenType stylistic alternates, you can access a complete Z, similar to the one in Neuropol X.

This particular TTF font distribution archive was downloaded from the freeware and shareware TrueType font repository, Font-Journal, at the following URL:

The original 1996 version of Neuropol is still available at:

There have been several updates to Neuropol, including the first couple, called Neuropol X. Neuropol X fonts are lighter versions of the Neuropol font...

Neuropol X Free

Neuropol X Regular

Neuropolitcal font is a bolder, square ended terminations version...

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