Jura font family by Daniel Johnson

TrueType Font

Jura font comes in light (300), regular (normal 400), medium (500) and demi bold (semi-bold 600) weights as a sci-fi style sans-serif freeware TTF webfont with rounded terminators.

This distribution archive includes the 4 different weight .ttf font files (light, regular, medium & demi-bold), the font license text file (OFL.txt) and this distribution archive info note text file (Jura.txt).

This is a free font with commercial use allowed, licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. See the included aforementioned OFL.txt text file in this distribution archive for license specifics and details.

from the artist:

Jura is a family of sans-serif fonts in the Eurostile vein. It was originally inspired by some work I was doing for the FreeFont project in designing a Kayah Li range for FreeMono. I wanted to create a Roman alphabet using the same kinds of strokes and curves as the Kayah Li glyphs, and thus Jura was born. It has been expanded to include glyphs for the Cyrillic and Greek alphabets as well.

The original Kayah Li glyphs have been included in this font. (Note that glyphs for writing mainstream Burmese are not and never have been a part of this font.)

Jura is available in four weights: Light, Book (aka: Regular or Medium), Medium, and DemiBold.

The Jura family has an unfortunate name clash with Ed Merritt’s Jura serif font.

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