Barron Font

Freeware PC TrueType Font

Barron: Regular (character specific weights, although primarily 'black' in weight), Old Fashioned, Gothic Script and Blackletter styles.

Barron Font version revision 002.001

Character total: 232 characters

Barron Font is Copyright 1986-1992 SWFTE International, Ltd., all rights reserved. Barron was rereleased as a distributable freeware font.

Barron Font has a strikingly identical similarity to Luftwaffe Regular (which is technically a commercial font that is not redistributable) and therefore Barron can be used as a freeware alternative to Luftwaffe.

This font was downloaded from the catagorized Font-Journal freeware/shareware PC TTF font repository archive catalog. The Barron Font has a home page for direct downloads at: