The freeware TrueType Font (TTF) file in this archive, "SDSU Collegiate V2" (filename: "SDSU Collegiate V2.ttf"), hereafter referred to as 'This Font', was created using Fontstruct the free, online font-building tool.

This Font was created by Doug Peters & is Copyright 2016 Doug Peters ( This Font distribution is licensed as "Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike" Freeware (see License.txt for more info). The font is free for publishing/production/design use (as indicated in the license) in a personal, charity or commercial setting, and you may even modify it under the same license, but if you like it and would like to help support my continued effort to design new and interesting fonts, you are encouraged to use one of my services such as Domain Hostmaster ( or HD Web Hosting (, though you have absolutely no obligation to do so. For license specifics, read the SDSU-Collegiate-V2_License.txt text file included in this distribution archive.

This Font is a display caps slab serif font, with alternate capitals in the lower case registers, that is most appropriate for collegiate atheletics and sports headlines, such as for printing on jerseys.

The most up-to-date official public release of this font archive by the author is available online at Font-Journal:

As indicated in its name, this is the second version of this font. The original font has been updated, as well.

The original font is based on the SDSU (South Dakota State University) logo. It is easily represented as SDSU in blue with a yellow outline (the school colors). SDSU is the home of the Jackrabbits and have been known for their basketball teams and are starting to become a well known football and wrestling competitor in Division, as well.

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Please note that the archived copy above is a developmental work in progress and may have spacing problems, incomplete characters, or other issues as I slowly work to make changes and corrections to the font.

This Font is provided as Creative Commons Freeware with derivatives allowed (yes, you can modify it, add to it or use it in your own creative works, though I would greatly appreciate it if you would credit me with a link to my website), created by Doug Peters and This Font is Copyright 2016 Doug Peters (the original version, from which V2 was made, is Copyright 2014).

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About This Font:

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SDSU Collegiate V2.ttf (This Font)

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SDSU-Collegiate-V2_License.txt (details on This Font's license, Please Read)

SDSU-Collegiate-V2_Preview.png (preview image of This Font)

SDSU-Collegiate-V2_ReadMe.txt (this file)

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In using this font you must comply with the licensing terms described in the file “SDSU-Collegiate-V2_License.txt” which is included with this archive. Modification of, appending to or amending This Font is authorized by the artist as long as you will link to one of his websites (such as, or, giving the artist credit for his contribution.