“SDSU Collegiate V2 Extended” freeware font Copyright Doug Peters, 2016

The Font included in this distribution archive, “SDSU Collegiate V2 Extended”, was created by Doug Peters on August 28th, and is Copyright 2016 Doug Peters (http://www.Doug-Peters.com). This TTF PC font is provided under freeware font software license according to the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

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Please follow the instructions given at the license links provided above for details concerning the license for this font. However, as a quick summary, this is a true freeware font and nothing is obligated for its use. You may use it in your own creative works or even modify it and create a new work out of it as long as the original author gets credit for his contribution (a link to one of his websites would be greatly appreciated).

The original authoring artist (Doug Peters) will always appreciate credit for his work. If you use, publish, produce, modify, alter or append this font, the original author and Copyright holder of this font, Doug Peters, would appreciate a link back to his site and asks that you consider using one of his low cost professional services.

Distribution in any form is considered fair use as long as the original archive (all of the original files) are kept intact. If converted to another platform, please distribute with the original PC TTF distribution archive files. For a complete file list, see the SDSU-Collegiate-V2-Extended_ReadMe.txt text file.

Contributing artists should note their contributions to the work and update the included files (and/or include new files, as is appropriate) and update the file list (if new files are added), as necessary.

Development Archives:

“SDSU Collegiate V2 Extended” is a font (or 'FontStruction') created in FontStruct http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/1312378 that was originally cloned (copied) from the FontStruction “SDSU Collegiate V2” http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/1312353 by Doug Peters, which was in turn cloned (copied) from the Fonstruction “SDSU Collegiate” http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/967797 by Doug Peters, both of which are publicly distributed through the Font-Journal as Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike freeware fonts, as well.

The public released versions of this Font Family (and various incarnations) are distributed through the categorized freeware and shareware PC Font Repository, the Font-Journal, and can be found at:


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