Cilica font family

Created 2005 by Andrew Young, Disaster Fonts. The four fonts included in this Cilica digital typeset distribution archive are: "Cilica Multispore" (file name 'cilica-multispore.ttf'), "Cilica Regular" (filename 'cilica-regular.ttf'), "Cilica Spore" (filename 'cilica-spore.ttf'), and "Cilica Virus" (filename 'cilica-virus.ttf'). All the fonts in this family utilize an OpenType Layout and TrueType Outlines, and are all currently at version 1.000 (their original, initial release).

This typeset establishes a family of futuristic sans serif fonts with very angular construction, a uniform width regular version that offers a rather light stroke, and the variants offering varied widths. The Virus version accentuated the verticle lines. The Spore and Multispore versions enhance the baseline of each character while adding extra digital spores as decoration when the baseline of a character is open, while Multispore version adds a slightly heavier line to the upper horizontal cross-member.

This typeset is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This means you can use this font freely for any project, commercial or not. You may produce derivative work based on this font but must always share the results and attribute back to the original author, Andrew Young, Disaster Fonts (see website address below for linking a citation).

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