Bevelry Freeware TrueType Font


The font files included in this archive were created by Doug Peters and “12Me21” using Fontstruct, the free online font-building tool.

This font plays a trick on the eye. When a character is by itself, it is difficult to see what it is. But in words, sentances and paragraphs, the characters are easily distinguishable as embossed (or engraved, depending on perception) sans serif letters, numerals and some punction.

The original font was Shadow, from which I made Bevelry with additional support for the lowercase character set that Shadow lacked. In keeping with Shadow, Bevelry tries to create compact characters that actually look squashed, taking as little room as possible. However, this created an irregular lowercase set size, so Bevelry Tall Small Caps increased the size allowed for the lowercase character set to bring uniformity to the font, while maintaing the original size of the already condensed uppercase character set. Bevelry Tall was then created to give the finished font the uniformity allowed by a modern digital type. The original modified clones are also maintained in this distribution archive to appease which ever angle an artist or designer might require.

I remember David Carson (known as a previous designer for Raygun Magazine) asking me if I had any unusual, weird or wild new fonts. So now when I create them I am less inclined to simply throw away the previous versions, as they can be useful themselves, aside from telling the story of how a typeface evolved.

This font has a homepage at Font-Journal, where this archive and may be found:

This distribution archive includes 6 files...

Bevelry Filename: "Bevelry.ttf"

Bevelry Tall Small Caps Filename: "Bevelry Tall Small Caps.ttf"

Bevelry Tall.ttf Filename: "Bevelry Tall.ttf"

The License URL text file Filename: "License.txt"

Sample font characters graphic Filename: "Bevelry_Sample.png"

THIS Description text file Filename: "Bevelry.txt"

Please, if you do redistribute this archive, do so with all files intact. However, if you do modify the font and redistribute it, please make any adjustments as you see fit to the archive (such as to append and advise us of changes in the text documents or image and change the filenames as is approprite), and remember to include credit to the original font design's contributing authors.

*NOTE: “Bevelry” was originally cloned (copied) from the FontStruction “Shadow” by “12Me21”, which can be found at:

Both fonts are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license:

But, the fonts can be used freely as long as the original authors are credited. If used on a website as a web font (#webfont), it is common practise to give the original designers credit on a credits web page. A simple blurb with a link would suffice, like:

This website makes use of the font Bevelry (available at by Doug Peters ( and derived from Shadow by 12Me21 (

Doug Peters used Shadow to create Bevelry by changing a few uppercase characters and adding the lowercase set of characters. The numerals and limited punctuation remains the same.

Doug Peters runs the Font-Journal.


In using this font you must comply with the licensing terms described in the file “License.txt” included with this archive.

If you redistribute the font file in this archive, it must be accompanied by all the other files from this archive, including this one.

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