The freeware TrueType fonts included in this distribution archive, "Xwept" and “Xwept Plain Spoken for Common Folk” (which is a toned-down version of the Zwept font) were created by Doug Peters and is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

Both fonts, "Xwept" and "Xwept Plain Spoken for Common Folk” are Copyright Doug Peters (aka Douglas Peters,

The official license is the only one that counts, and is available at the following web address:

A quick unofficial license overview:

-The font may be used for any purpose, whether for personal, commercial, or non-profit projects.

-No attribution is required. While Doug Peters maintains his Copyright for the work he has done, no credit is required to use the font.

-You may use the font online aas a web font (#webfont), or in any computer or computerized device User Interface, whether connected to the internet or not (though the font is not recommended as a display or UI font).

-You may include this font in your own artwork.

-You may edit, append, customize, modify or otherwise enhance this font as much as you want in order to create your own derivative of this font, whether it looks like it or not, though you are encouraged to change the name, or at least the version number.

-You may redistribute this orighinal font distribution archive as long as all of the original files are kept together and intact.

-You may redistribute your own derivatives of this font, as long as it is distributed under the same Creative Commons CC0 license and credit is given to the original authoring designer (Doug Peters) and the documentation is updated to reflect your contribution to the finished derivative font(s).

See the actual license for all the specific details concerning this license.

Although no contribution is required for the use of this font, the authoring designer will accept contributions through PayPal, which will encourage his continued work on freeware fonts & webfonts that can be used commercially and royalty-free:

The original distribution archive for this font has a home at Font-Journal:

There may or may not be an experimental development version available at the free online font editor where these fonts were originally created, FontStruct:

Files in this Archive:


License.txt (This Text File)

Xwept.ttf (Xwept - Fancy Font File)

Xwept.png (Xwept Characters Preview Image)

Xwept Plain Spoken for Common Folk.ttf (Xwept Plain Font File)

Xwept-Plain-Spoken-for-Common-Folk.png (Xwept Plain Characters Preview Image)

Xwept Small.ttf (Xwept with Small Lowercase Letters)

Xwept-Small.png (Xwept Small Font Characters Preview)

Xwept Fonts.txt (Xwept Fonts Description Text File)

Please always distribute the archive with all the above files intact.