“SDSU Collegiate V2 Wide” atheletic freeware slab serif font Copyright Doug Peters, Copyright 2017.


This font lends itself well to sports, sporting events, collegiate events, jersey numbers and printing, and collegiate use. It can be used as a web font (#webfont) any way you want to use it on websites, blogs or in apps, but I don't recommend it, it is a very limited character set font meant specifically for bold letters and numbers on jerseys to allow them to stand out. Only the basic punctuation, uppercase, smaller drop cap lowercase alternatives, and numerals are supported. It isn't meant for content, but will do well in a headline, if you want all caps.

The Font included in this distribution archive, “SDSU Collegiate V2 Wide”, was created by Doug Peters on February 2nd, and is Copyright 2017 Doug Peters (http://www.Doug-Peters.com). This TTF PC font is provided under freeware font software license according to the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. If you like this font, please credit me one time with a standing link from your website or blog to one of mine (I have a lot to choose from, so that you can pick a site you like).

Please follow the instructions given at the license links provided in the text document "License.txt" for details concerning the license for this font. However, as a quick summary, this is a true freeware font and nothing is obligated for its use other than simply attributing my work with an active link or printed credit. You may use this font in your own creative works or even modify it and create a new font work out of it as long as I, the original authoring designer, gets credit for his contribution (a link to me in a credits web page or post would be greatly appreciated).

Distribution in any form is considered fair use as long as the original archive (all of the original files) are kept intact. If converted to another platform, please distribute with the original PC/Mac/Linux compatible TTF distribution archive files.

Contributing artists that edit, add to the value, modify, append, restyle or otherwise produce a derivative font from my work should note their contributions to the work and update the included files (and/or include new files, as is appropriate), as necessary.

As I also run Font Journal, this font has an official release distribution archive there at the following web address as of March 31st, 2018:


This one is even a little wider than the last "Extended" version.

Development Archives:

“SDSU Collegiate V2 Extended” is a font (or 'FontStruction') created in FontStruct http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/1312378 that was originally cloned (copied) from the FontStruction “SDSU Collegiate V2” http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/1312353 by Doug Peters, which was in turn cloned (copied) from the Fonstruction “SDSU Collegiate” http://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/967797 by Doug Peters, both of which are publicly distributed through the Font-Journal as Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike freeware fonts, as well. The development archives have less documentation with them, but if I am boring you, by all means, take a peak.

All of the public released versions of this Font Family (and various incarnations) are officially distributed through my own categorized freeware and shareware PC/Mac/Linux Font Repository, the Font-Journal, and the official release distribution archives can be found at:


About the Font Designer:

I am the authoring designer, Doug Peters (Douglas Peters, but no one calls me that). I created this font in celebration of my college days at South Dakota State University at a time when they had been dominating in sports. They have always been a contender for the crown (and often kinged) in their conference championship. And despite the fact that it is a small state land grant college, the school works a variety of wonders in scholastics, electronics, business and farm management, agrigultural sciences, nursing and atheletics, which besides basletball also includes football, wrestling, volleyball, golf and a vaiety of other sports.

I do enjoy designing fonts. I wish I had much more time to do it. To get an updated list of my officially released fonts, check out:

Other fonts by me...


Most of the fonts I design don't develop the way I would hope. So there are some others I am still working on that I keep under lock and key at FontStruct (https://w3n.us/fs). I also use other online tools to create and edit fonts, especially when I find the free font tools.

Sadly, I can't seem to afford a font editor that I like. If anyone has one lying around gathering dust that they are not using, I will take it! ;)

Part of the reason I am into fonts is because I am into logos. I am absolutely fascinated by the whole branding experience, how a business becomes branded not on their logo effectiveness, but how they are perceived in the community they serve.

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So, you can see that I have a passion for brands. It all started out because I had left college and designed a portfolio for myself. One of the big hits at the senior show was an interactive program I wrote in Director. Then I taught myself HTML and the MIS Director saw my work and had me design a site for him. Then the college atheletic conference and things were starting well.

But then I ran into 2008 and haven't had the same workload since. This is a real conservative area, and many didn't invest in the new fangled web. So I do what I can, with the time I have, but I do enjoy creating fonts, and get tickled when some of them wind-up in logos, or I design a font specifically for a logo.

SDSU Collegiate has gotten pretty popular over the years, so I expanded the family. Recently, I contributed one of my fonts, "WebFont", to Google Fonts, though I have no idea if they will accept it or not.

Truly, the best fonts take a while to develop. Even if you are just mulling it over in your head and can whip out a font in a day, those hours brain storming are still a real investment into what you are doing. I tend to try other things and get off the style path i should be on, and have to go back and correct things I thought looked good. But usually I note them and clone the font to create that style that seemed to deserve its own inception.

I, the original authoring artist (Doug Peters) will always appreciate credit for his work. If you use, publish, produce, modify, alter or append this font, the original author and Copyright holder of this font, I, Doug Peters, would really appreciate a link back to one of my sites and I ask that you consider using one of my low cost professional services. If you don't use them yourself, at least please link to one of my websites. You may choose to link to any one of my websites in the following 4 lists (and not all are businesses)...

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Official, Most Up-To-Date Public Releases of this Freeware Font Family:


Documented Font Family History:


The font file in this archive was created using Fontstruct the free, online font-building tool.

This font was created by Doug Peters*.

This font has a development homepage where this archive and other versions may be found:



“SDSU Collegiate V2 Wide” was originally cloned (copied) from FontStruction “SDSU Collegiate V2 Extended” which also has a development home page on FontStruct...


...another font by Doug Peters, which is also licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

“SDSU Collegiate V2 Extended” was in turn cloned (copied) from the FontStruction “SDSU Collegiate V2” that, you guessed it, has a development home page at the site of the free online modular font editor that this family was spawned from...


...and is also by Doug Peters. This version is (as it should be:) also licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

“SDSU Collegiate V2” was in turn cloned (copied) from the the original FontStruction “SDSU Collegiate”, and SDSU Collegiate also started at, and has a permanent development home at...


and was also created by Doug Peters, which of course, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

The Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license is available online, and more info on this license is available at:


Ever want to create your own font?

Try Fontstruct at https://fontstruct.com

It’s free, easy and it’s fun.

Fontstruct is copyright ©2017-2018 Rob Meek


In using this font you must comply with the licensing terms described in the file “License.txt” included with this archive.

If you redistribute the font file in this archive, it must be accompanied by all the other files from this archive, including this one.

Should you create your own version of this font, using it as a start, you are asked, and expected, not to use any of the already reserved font names in its history. Please update the documentation if you distribute the derivative work.

If you like and/or use this font, please attribute the authoring designer with a link back to one of his websites listed in the About the Designer section. Just one link is all I ask for, Thank You!

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Font Tools:

Of course, I have mentioned FontStruct, the free tool I used to make this and many more fonts. Fontstruct is a free font editor available at which was the tool chosen to make this font - it’s fun, free, and easy to learn and use. You can even make your own version of this font with it, and there is a great little community of designers there that share with each other, though if you want, you may well keep to yourself and still use the font editor.

https://fontstruct.com Short Link: http://x.co/fs

If you would like to get yourself a decent font editor to create your own font(s), I recommend Fontographer, although TypeTool might do the job, too. FontLab is the flagship typographic tool of the Fontlab company. However, do note that I do use Fontstruct online.




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About Me:

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