The FontStruction “Graphee-Tee” by Doug Peters, which has an official release archive available at the Font-Journal (, was designed using the free and easy-to-use online modular font editor, FontStruct ( It has a development home URL there, (, although the development version is not considered the official release because work may be ongoing and all issues may not be resolved to a publishing/production standard. Both versions of the fonts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution No Derivatives license
(license summary: legal license document: By using or saving this font to your system, you therin agree to abide by the license.

Authorized Use Summary:
You may use this font as a type style for any projects, private, personal, charitable, commercial or government use as long as you attribute/credit the authoring designer, Doug Peters. A single ACTIVE link in social media, on a website, or in a blog will suffice to use this font for as long as the attribution/accreditation link remains active. To use it as a web font: With an accreditation (attribution) link on any website/blog in question that uses this font, you may in fact also use this font as a web font (#webfont) on that web site/blog, should you desire to.

In the promos section, I list a variety of my websites. You may link back to this font or to any one of my websites. A simple sentence that includes such a link crediting me will suffice, such as "Font used for (describe how the font is used) is Graphee-Tee by Doug Peters, Font-Journal." Graphee-Tee can be linked to the font (your choice of hyperlinks given below), and/or you can link my name to one of my profile/portfolio websites or blogs (given in the promos section below), and/or you can link the Font-Journal text to the Font-Journal itself ( You may rephrase, use your own words.

You may redistribute this font as long as the font and all the original documents remain in tact and unaltered and it is redistributed under the same exact license. You may also include the font converted to other font formats, as long as the converted font maintains the same font integrity of the original design and you send a copy to Doug Peters through the Font Journal, or Dougs.Work

No Derivatives:
Only new format versions are allowed that maintain the same ingrity of this font (in example, if you can generate a .woff2 format web font). Please send me a copy of any new format conversion of this font at Font-Journal or through one oif my websutes). Otherwise, do not edit, modify or append this font in any way, even for personal use. If you require modifications to this font, contact me and I would be happy to perform any work required under commission.

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