by Hartotype

100% Free Modern Cursive Calligraphy Script Font in TrueType font format.

Accompanying "marinto" font title & sample image Hartotype.

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I can't argue with that. ;) I don't have any other real information about the designer, though.

The font itself is just lovely, but only has Capitals and lowercase, no numerals, punctuation or symbols. So, you have to marry it up with something for the stuff that isn't there when you need it, but as a titling font, or the cover script for invitations or greeting cards, even as signage or for a logo, but not for content.

I am pretty sure you can use it for a webfont (100% Free), but it would only be useful for logos and header text. You probably should write and ask at his given email address (, if interested. Another idea is to see if you could team-up to complete the font, or encourage him (or her) to do so (possibly with a donation).

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