LED Balloon
LED desktop sans style digital font and web font created by and Copyright by Doug Peters of Symbiotic Design.

This font was created especially for aide in the use of scrolling electronic Liquid Emitting Diode based digital signage as is often used in local in-window promotion advertisements of small businesses. It can also be used to simulate that very effect on LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) signs and displays (including those such as LCD televisions and monitors).

This font was developed as a doodle to occupy me while mulling over other design challenges.

The font “LED Balloon” is Copyright 2019 by Doug Peters and has an official distribution archive release home page online at Font-Journal:
Short URL: https://w3n.us/ledballoon

The font in this official release distribution archive reflects the March 9th 2019 update of LED Balloon font, and is officially designated as version 1.002.

The font file in this archive was created by Doug Peters of Symbiotic Design using Fontstruct, the free, online font-building tool.

This font has a development home page on the web where the development archive, and any other publicly available derivative fontstruction versions may be found:

You can even clone this font at the URL given above to customize it for your own style or purposes. Try Fontstruct, it’s free, easy and fun. Fontstruct is open source software Copyright 2019 Rob Meek.

However, there have been minor edits to this font using a font editing software package such as TypeTool (from Fontlab) or FontForge (free) for the official release distribution archive including versioning and font information. Similarly, the font archive contains extra documentation and a graphic image sampling the font character set.

Therefore, unless you are cloning and developing or redesigning this font for your own purposes, I encourage you to always download and use this official archive at Font-Journal.

In using this font you must comply with the licensing terms described in the file “License.txt” included with this archive. If you redistribute the font file in this archive, it should be accompanied by all the other files originally included in this archive, including this one. If you create a derivative font and redistribute the resulting work, please use a different font name and add to, edit, or otherwise append the documentation in this archive to reflect your contributions to the finished product.

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