Bulwarx Inksaver
by “Zephram”

This version of Bulwarx is intended to save the user ink when printing, which may assist some in printing this chunky fat black sans serif font.

This further reimagining of Bulwarx uses a reduced size square to save ink when printing. On screen, the characters may seem gray as opposed to black. It is still based on a pixel font, though it's 'pixel' offers a reduced sixe. Bulwarx Inksaver remains a chunky & fat, bulky black sans serif font with thin cross bars and often thin strips of white space defining the characters. This font screams out to be huge, even though it already is.

This Bulwarx Inksaver font distribution archive has a home page at Font-Journal...

The font file in this archive was created by “Zephram” using Fontstruct, the free, online font-building tool.

This font has a development homepage at Fonstruct where this archive and other versions may be found:

“Bulwarx Inksaver” was originally cloned (copied) from the FontStruction “Bulwarx Pixel” (https://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/1607763) by “Zephram”, which is
licensed under a Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Dedication license (http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/).

“Bulwarx Pixel” was in turn cloned (copied) from the FontStruction “Bulwarx” (https://fontstruct.com/fontstructions/show/1599808), also by “Zephram”, which is likewise licensed under a Creative Commons CC0 Public Domain Dedication license (http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/zero/1.0/).

Try Fontstruct at https://fontstruct.com
It’s easy and it’s fun. Fontstruct is Copyright 2019 Rob Meek.

"Zephram" is a game developer, artist and designer. He makes fonts for the public which are either CC0 (Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication license) or are just plain Free.

His profile on Fontsruct is:

In using this font you must comply with the licensing terms described in the
file “License.txt” included with this archive. If you redistribute the font file in this archive, it should be accompanied by all the other files from this archive, including this one.

This distribution archive was documented and setup by Doug Peters of Font Journal.

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