by Dominic Bard

Gatrenika is a free (rubber stamped) textured, modern, lowercase gothic black letter font by Dominic Bard.

Do be careful with this one, it is quite nitty gritty dirty beautiful, but because of the texturing, this font will use more resources than a typical font. Though it is not as bad as others, I would only install it when it is needed. A font manager app works well to juggle your fonts around as required.

It offers a pretty darn complete standard lowercase character set, with copies of each letter in the uppercase register. The stamping texture also seems old and worn as well, offering more to the unique look. The font is over 20 years old (very few currency signs), but does support some diacritic accented characters, although some puncuation is missing... [{<`~#%^_|\>}]

From the Designer
The Gartenika font was inspired by Frakturika from StereoType.

Dominic Bard is a perfectionist and 'pixel-peeper' photographer and designer whom is always up for a challenge.


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