Marengi HD
FA font by Zephram

Marengi HD is a clear, clean, legible, futuristic and rectangular sans serif typeface by Zephram. It has 189 glyphs and supports multiple languages. It is distributed under the 'CC0' freeware license (for licensing specifics, see the text document “License.txt”).

"This font is a high-resolution version of Marengi.

"This is made to be ultramodern and ultraregular, just as high-tech futuristic corporations want to make their fonts."

This archive was put together by Doug Peters for Font-Journal. It has a home where the latest font release in the catalog can be found at:
Or use the Short Link:

The font file in this archive was created by “Zephram” using Fontstruct, the free online font-building tool.

This font has a development homepage where this archive and possibly any other versions may be found:

Because this font license permits it, you can even clone this font at the above address to make changes, restyle it, append it, and/or add to the supported languages using the development web page link given above.

Try Fontstruct at - It’s easy and it’s fun.
Fontstruct is copyright ©2018 Rob Meek

In using this font you must comply with the licensing terms described in the file “License.txt” included with this archive.
If you redistribute the font file in this archive, it must be accompanied by all the other files included in the original archive downloaded, including this one.
If you modify this font and create a derivative font, use a different reserved font name and update the accompanying doctumentation included in this archive.

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