Gothica Medieval
by Doug Peters

Type: Modern Gothic.
Classifications: Angled, Old Style, Medieval.
Weight: Regular.
Web font: Yes.
Commercial use: Yes.
Redistribution: Yes.
Derivatives: Yes (see license).

This font was created by me, Doug Peters, of Symbiotic Design. There was already a couple fonts called "Gothica", but none called "Gothica Medieval", hence the name. The original work was inspired by blackletter fonts, especially Horde by Typeting. But there were issues with that font I felt needed to be addressed and corrected, making the resulting font with a very different look that I believe is more consistent with Medieval Gothic manuscript lettering.

Although limited with a basic character set, this version is realeased to the general public so that they can make of it their vision.

Gothica Medieval is Copyright 2019 Doug Peters and released as 'CC0' freeware on Easter Sunday (21st of April, 2019).

Gothica Medieval is distributed under the 'CC0' (Creative Commons Pubic Domain Dedication) freeware license. For accurate licensing info, and the legal contract specifics, be sure to refer to the link given below and visit that web address for the actual online license information.

Basically (in a quick, non-legally binding summary), the authoring designer retains his Copyright to his work, but otherwise allows the public to use it as they see fit, including commercially, and including as a web font. Derivatives are even allowed under the proper conditions (different font reserved name, documentation updated to reflect the new work, and distributed under the same license).

This archive was put together by Doug Peters for Font-Journal. It has a home page where the font release is archived in the catalog, which can be found at the following web address:
Or use the Short Link:

The above web address does serve as the latest official release for this font.

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The font file in this archive was created by Doug Peters using Fontstruct, the free online font-building tool.

This font also has a development homepage where the development archive (and possibly links to any other derivative versions) may be found:

As this font is released under the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication freeware license, you may even use the above web address to clone the font under your free Fontstruct account and create a derivative font, yourself, should you be so inclined (please follow the few license guidelines in doing so).

Try Fontstruct at - it’s easy and it’s fun.
Fontstruct is copyright ©2019 Rob Meek

That said, this is the official release version of Gothica Medieval, and as such, the font info and current version number (1.001) has been updated in a font editor.

There is also a professional version of this font available commercially once I find a platform to sell it. It is called "Gothica Medieval Pro", which features an expanded character set including multilingual support, more puncuation, more symbols, and a nice assortment of dingbats for use in a website UI. Contact me for more info.

In using this font you must comply with the licensing terms described in the linked license web page address given below...

If you redistribute the TTF font file in this archive, and/or any other converted versions, it/they must be accompanied by all the other files included in the original archive downloaded, including this one.

If you take the time and effort to modify this font and create a derivative font, you are required to use a different reserved font name and append/update the accompanying documentation included in this archive to reflect your contribution to the work, and finally it must be distributed under the same license as this one. So if you are game, go for it.

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