Diamond t Blackletter
by Doug Peters

Style: Gothic.
Classified: Block. Vintage, but in a previously 'Modern style'.
Type: Blackletter.
Weight: Bold.
Web font: Yes.
Personal use: Yes.
Commercial use: No, upgrade to the Pro version.
Attribution: Required for use.
Redistribution: Nope.
Derivatives: No.
Version: 1.002 (Freeware version)

As is the free demo it has a decent sampling with 100 glyphs covering Basic Latin letters and punctuation. This freeware version can be found at https://w3n.us/diamondtblackletter and there is a pro version in the works which will eventually appear at https://w3n.us/DiamondtBlackletter once done.

Diamond t Blackletter gets its name from the shape of the recurring white space between and within many of it's characters. It was created according to specific Design Rules...

Design Rules:
Faux Calligraphy.
All angles, no curves.
Horizontal lines are extremely thin.
Vertical lines are 2 bricks thick.
Include a notch at mid character height.
Vary ascender heights so that words like Ill are legible.
With caps, always try to add an extra triangle block in top left just beyond the baseline, and make room for it in the top right of all characters.
All character verticals should use angles that trail right at the baseline (if possible) or work in a right pointing triangle on the right baseline corner that pertrudes beyond the rest of the character width (and define that actual character with when a character design allows this design theme to be employed).

This is an original work. 'Diamond t Blackletter' font is Copyright 2019 Doug Peters (https://www.Doug-Peters.com or https://Dougs.Work), owner of Symbiotic Design (https://SymbioticDesign.com), all rights are reserved worldwide, including artistic and creative rights.

Diamond t Blackletter has been released as demonstration freeware restricted to personal use with no derivatives or editing of the font allowed, as Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives Freeware...
License Deed:
Full Legal License:

Credit for this, my original work IS greatly appreciated (even though it's required, I do thank you). My name (as the authoring designer) is Doug Peters. You only have to attribute this font to me as my original work once, as long as the link remains active, on your website, in your blog, or on social media. You can use any link in the next section, "About the Authoring Designer", to credit my work, which allows you to use this font for personal use as much as you wish. For commercial use, contact me about aquiring the commercial Diamond t Blackletter Pro version of this font (online contact addresses included at the bottom of this text document for your convenience).

Hi, it's me, Doug Peters. I still run Symbiotic Design, but now I am concentrating on my art over the branding and marketing, though I still do that part-time. I also still support my domain name registration and web hosting customers under the Symbiotic Technologies hostmaster websites. Plus, I run Font-Journal, as well.

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Donations are also super appreciated (but not required to use this font). PayPal donations (to encourage my continued font design efforts) can be made through the following web address:

If you donate, be sure to include a contact email address where I can send a Thank you bonus gift in my appreciation of your investment in my effort.

This is the official release distribution archive. The font was originally developed in the Fontstructor, but since has had versioning and Font Info documentation (found within the truetype file) corrected and updated. I (DP), have put together and documented this archive (including the preview text sample image), personally. It has a home page at Font-Journal at...
Short URL:

Diamond t Blackletter was built with FontStruct and the development version can be found on Fontstruct.com at...

Unfortunately, this version will always remain at version 1.0 because Fonstruct doesn't keep track of versioning information, or allow us to update the version. Plus, some of the font info is off, Fontsruct promotes itself with its own links instead of the designer's.

I am continuing font development with a pro version well in the works that improves the alignment of this font (to fight off strange display/print quirkiness found in this font) and it will sport a rather expanded character set, adding Latin Supplement 1, some General Punctuation, a few more symbols, currency signs and marks, with a few extra dingbats (to use in a website UI), as well.

The pro version will become available at a modest price at...
...but I still have work to do on the pro version as of April 30th, 2019 and I am still looking for a shop to sell my fonts. Plus, I seem more interested in designing and developing fonts than building websites these days (which I have been doing for the past 23 years as work), so who knows, I could build it myself, but I have more fun creating fonts and my art.

I guess I'm tired of the technology rat race, especially after our social networks betrayed us all. I wound-up retiring because I lived online in work and play and all the websites I joined were breached. I've had it with idiot companies and careless corporations. Allowing a breach is flat-out betrayal of customers/clients.

DELETE FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, GOOGLE & TWITTER - They are not worth the trouble they will put you in.

God Bless! -DP