by Doug Peters

Style: Rounded.
Classified: Condensed.
Type: Sans-Serif.
Weight: Bold.
Web font: Yes.
Commercial use: Yes!
Derivatives: Yes.
Redistribution: You betcha.
Version: 1.002

Irix is a condensed, rounded, bold sans serif typeface that I had left alone too long. The funny thing about Irix is that I placed stress points next to tight curves, sort of exagerating the effect of a bend. As if when a balloon is bent into an animal shape, the balloon's air is more compressed next to the bend, so the ballon expands. And yet, balloon animals do no such thing.

Irix offers 140+ glyphs with Basic Latin covered (Upper & lower cases, numerals, standard punctuation). There are also some extra glyphs in General Punctuation, extra marks, & various currency signs.

Somewhere, I lost track of the font that ispired Irix, so I have released what I had as CC0 Freeware. Should I run into the font that inspired my initial vision (whatever it was), I am sure I will clone it and start all over again.

Irix font Copyright 2019 Doug Peters ( or https://Dougs.Work) of Symbiotic Design (

This rounded font is released as CC0 (Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication) Freeware. Enjoy!
License Deed:
Full License:

This is a "No Rights Reserved" license, though the original work does maintain my Copyright as credit. But this license allows the user and other artists, designers and marketers many and wide reaching rights of use, including in commercial projects, as a web font, for study, as the start of a new, derivative font design, etc (see the actual license web address above in the provided link for all the specifics).

Credit for my original work IS greatly appreciated, but is not required to use this font. If you would like to credit me, please use the info and links in the next "About The Authoring Designer" section just below to credit me in social media, in a blog, or on your website...

Hi, I'm Doug Peters, I designed Irix and many other fonts. I concieve, design, manage, promote, market and protect intellectual properties as Symbiotic Design. I also offer brand consulting and education. In the course of protecting my names, brands, domains and websites, I also offer domain name registration and website hosting services. I have been known to build PCs and video servers. But I only do it all part-time now, since retiring.

I also run Font-Journal and other technology websites, but now I am concentrating on my fonts, designs and art.

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Donations are also super appreciated (yet still not required to use this font). PayPal donations (to encourage my continued freeware font design efforts) are the easiest:

I set this up as the official font distribution archive for Irix at Font-Journal and it can be found at...
Short URL:

As long as this document remains intact and it is accompanied by the original Irix font file, it remains the official archive no matter where it is downloaded from. It simply originates at the Font-Journal simply because that's mine.

However, creating derivatives of this font is encouraged and I would ask the next contributing designer to update this document reflecting his or her contributions to the derivative's continued development.

Irix was built with the Fonstructor at, where you can find and clone the development version on the website at...

This allows you access to the design so that you can clone the font with a different name and change or add to it to suit your requirements. However, all fonts at Fontstruct have the same version number since the editor doesn't keep track and we have to download the font to change it with a software based font editor (and update the font info data with the correct info).

I retired because I'm tired of the technology marketing rat race, especially after our social networks betrayed us all. I have lived online in work and play and all the websites I joined were breached. That is utter betrayal, whether it comes from a place of stupidity (it does), or not. I've had it with idiot companies and careless corporations with no concern for others. Allowing a breach is flat-out betrayal of its own loyal customers/clients and such companies/corporations should be completely busted for their betrayal of mankind.

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