ztronger eYe/FS
by Antonio J. Morata (aka: elmoyenique)

ztronger eYe/FS is a black, super italic (45º) TrueType font by Antonio J. Morata with 166 glyphs that includes some multilingual support. This font is distributed as freeware under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license (see the text file “license.txt” for the link to license specifics).

This font is also a modular font, which also means that it is optimized for Flash.

'One of my "lost" fonts (In 2016 I lost a notebook full of sketches and designs that have been recovered only partly, this is one of them). Hope you like it.'

This distribution archive originates from Font-Journal, it was setup and packed-up by Doug Peters. It has a home page at:

Antonio J. Morata (aka: elmoyenique) is multitalented, but loves to create type. He has created well over 250 fonts at Fontstruct and nearly 150 are staff picks considered worthy of special recognition. He is also an active member of the community encouraging us all and sharing his wisdom.

Fontsruct Portfolio:

The font file in this archive was created by Antonio J. Morata using Fontstruct; the free, online
font-building tool. Therfore, this font has a development homepage where this archive and possibly other versions may be found:

You can even use the above link to see derivative versions or clone it and make your own derivative font. Try Fontstruct at https://fontstruct.com - It’s easy and it’s fun. Fontstruct is Copyright 2016-2019 Rob Meek

In using this font you must comply with the licensing terms described in the license contract which is linked to by web address specified in the text file “License.txt”, also included with this archive.
If you redistribute the font file in this archive, it must be accompanied by all the other files from this archive, including this one.
If you make a derivative font, use a different reserved font name and update the documentation to reflect your contribution to the final work.

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I run Font-Journal and actually design a few fonts myself.
(-Archiver, Doug Peters)

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Try Fontstruct at https://fontstruct.com - It’s easy and it’s fun.

God Bless! -Doug Peters