Albert Text by Dieter Steffmann

This is a free font released for public use by Dieter Steffmann.
This font is OK for commercial use, as well.

Dieter Steffmann has no restrictions on his free fonts use (so, #webfont, too),
except that he maintains his Copyright and that this font should not be modified, or otherwise used to create a derivative, and this font should never be sold.

The font or fonts in this archive is/are offered 'as is' without any warranty.

"Albert Text Bold" is a hand lettered, medieval, heavy, print style, narrow, calligraphic headline script. The font is reminiscent of when books were still penned by monks in scriptoriums. It offers multilingual support, including African, Albanian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portugese, Spanish, Swedish & Zulu.

The Albert Text Bold font comes in 3 font formats; Postscript Type 1 (PFM, PFB & AFM files), TrueType (TTF), and OpenType (OTF). The TrueType version is 1.38, while the OpenType version claims to be 1.00. I am unsure what version the Postscript Type 1 font is.

This font's official archive can be downloaded from:


...but the archive lacks the documentation and simple preview gif.

I have added that sample gif (found on that same page) to that very archive, along with adding this documentation which includes the license and a quick history lesson so that it is not lost (as in typical Font-Journal fashion for new font additions). This gives professional graphic designers and marketers an easy way to prove that it is free and OK for commercial use, as well as learn a little of the history without too much trouble.

Dieter Steffman
Is a widely talented, retired typographer living in Duetschland (AKA: Germany). Specifically, he lives in the township of Kreuztal in the Siegerland region of DE (DE is the country code abbreviation for Germany). He started computing on the Amiga (as did I). He currently has some health concerns that he shares on his Wordpress blog. He enjoys web administration, photography and hiking, now. He also posts some great photos. Dieter is also quite active on Twitter and maybe Facebook. Dieter Steffman's business alias is "Typographer Mediengestaltung" and he created hundreds of fonts between 2000-2013 that are now available free.

September 3rd


Full Fonts Portfolio Archive:

1001 Fonts has cataloged 357 of his free typefaces:

Twitter Feed: @DieterSteffmann



This archive has been enhanced with this note created by Doug Peters, for the Font-Journal, as a means to document the great works Dieter Steffmann has contributed to the world. This is done in the hopes that he will always be credited for his wonderful gifts to humanity, as many of his archives lack any documentation what-so-ever.

This archive can be found at the following URL on

Please note that Dieter Steffmann has a great deal of typefaces on Font-Journal. To view it all you can search his name (or use the URL below):

However, I have much to do to document all his fonts (he made so many), as the official archives had previously not included any documentation. Perhaps this was because Dieter Steffmann made them freely available to the public without restriction. I will be working to get them all updated with a text sample gif & documentation, eventually. But iut's going to take a long time, I do this in my spare time.

This particular font archive was downloaded from his official typeface archive. This archive was then updated with a gif and this doc on November 1st, 2020.

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