ALTE CAPS - TTF font by Dieter Steffman

Version 1.23

This is a free font released for public use by Dieter Steffmann.
This font is OK for commercial use, as well.

Dieter Steffmann has no restrictions on his free fonts use (so, #webfont, too),
EXCEPT that he maintains his Copyright, that this font should not be modified or otherwise used to create a derivative, and that this font should never be sold.

The font or fonts in this archive is/are offered 'as is' without any warranty.

"ALTE CAPS" is a hand lettered, olde style serif, which lends itself well to 'First Letter' style, when the first letter of a chapter or web page is accented or decorative headline script. In this case, the character is created by the negative space with a block design with concave sides, so it is also a black-out font, but each block is individual and does not create a blacked-out line. There also isn't a uniformity among the block designs or the space between blocks of letters which adds to the hand lettered script look and feel of the font. The serifs of each negative letter form also seem to have a bit of an exagerated effect which may help when used in printing with actual ink.

Alte Caps has support for many of the Latin letter set characters, including a variety of 'accented letters', but both upper and lowercase letters mirror each other. As a decorative negative (colored space) font, the only real punctuation offered is !?+/&@ but there is a numeral set so that it might be used as a headline or video/meme titling font.

This distribution archive was downloaded from Mr. Steffmann's official font catalog archive and updated with documentation and a preview image by Doug Peters for Font-Journal. This document has been created specifically for distribution with this font as a factual document to protect all parties. Any updates to this font or its distribution archive can be found there.

This archive has been enhanced with this note as a means to document another great work that Dieter Steffmann has contributed to the world. This is done in the hopes that he will always be credited for his wonderful gifts to humanity, as many of his archives lack any documentation what-so-ever.

This archive can be found at the following URL on

Please note that Dieter Steffmann has a great deal of typefaces on Font-Journal. To view it all you can search his name (or use the URL below):

Note however, that Mr. Steffmann created a large volume of free fonts. I have much to do to document all his fonts (both the ones I will add and the older ones that have previously been archived).

Perhaps Dieter Steffmann didn't include documentation in his distribution archives since he made them freely available to the public without much restriction on regular use. It will take me a while, but I will be working to get them all updated with a text sample gif & documentation, eventually. But it's going to take a long time, as I do this in my spare time.

Dieter Steffman
Is a widely talented, retired typographer living in Duetschland (AKA: Germany). Specifically, he lives in the township of Kreuztal in the Siegerland region of DE (DE is the country code abbreviation for Germany). He started computing on the Amiga (as did I). He currently has some health concerns that he shares on his Wordpress blog. He enjoys web administration, photography and hiking, now. He also posts some great photos. Dieter is also quite active on Twitter and maybe Facebook. Dieter Steffman's business alias is "Typographer Mediengestaltung" and he created hundreds of fonts between 2000-2013 that are now available free.

September 3rd



1001 Fonts has cataloged 357 of his over 600 free typefaces:

Twitter Feed: @DieterSteffmann


This font's official archive was originally downloaded from:


...but that archive lacks the documentation and simple preview gif and I prefer that the license info, documentation and a preview image be included with my archives so that as a designer I can always reference this information should some scammer come along and pretend the font is theirs.

Therefore, I have added that sample gif (found on that same page) to that very archive, along with adding this documentation which includes the license and a quick history lesson so that it is not lost (as in typical Font-Journal fashion for new font additions). This gives professional graphic designers and marketers an easy way to prove that it is free and OK for commercial use, as well as learn a little of the history without too much trouble.

By using the Alpine font you hereby agree to the terms of this license agreement as put forth in this document.

Personal use is allowed.
Commercial use is allowed.
No derivatives are allowed.
-This means that you may not edit the font, modify the glyphs, extend the font character sets, or change the reserved font name using the source font file.

You may convert the Alpine font for use in other formats, or for use on other device plaforms, so long as the font remains intact and is not modified or otherwise altered in any way, such as changing the reserved font names or altering any individual glyphs.

This font is distributed 'as is' without any warranty. Neither the author of Alpine font, nor any distributing party, shall be held liable for any damage derived from using this typeface.

You may redistribute this font, unchanged, in its original archive as freeware, but it may not be modified and you may not sell it nor are you allowed to include it in any font archive, collection, distribution CD or DVD that is sold. Any means of benefitting from the distribution of this archive is strictly forbidden. On distribution websites, this font must be available to all visitors for no charge, this includes sans membership fees or subscription requirement.

This font may not ever be sold or published in any form without the expressed written permission by its respective author, Dieter Steffman.

Alpine may be embedded into any application such as a website, home page or mobile device app, independant of the number of the application users, as long as the application itself does not intend to distribute the Alpine font file independant of its proper distribution archive.

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