Trick or Treat v. 2.0 Halloween Dingbats Font by Jess Latham

Halloween dingbats font featuring witches, spooks, haunted houses, crescent moons, spiders, 'black' cats, skulls and other scarey cartoon style creepies.

This font is OK to use for commercial, educational, charitable or personal uses. Please see the Freeware License included in README.TXT for license specifics. All forms of web embedding (except creation software) is allowed for Jess Latham's freeware fonts, so consider this a nice web font (#webfont), too. If you would like to say thanks for the free fonts, please consider purchasing any retail font from his collection at Font Spring or My Fonts. This is especially true if you use any freeware font for commercial use.

Font Spring:

NOTE: A special license is needed for the following: creation software embedding. Contact Jess Latham for more info and specific questions (see DESIGNER section contact info, below).

This font is available in both TrueType or OpenType formats, but you should only install one type of font format or the other, not both. The Opentype font (with the '.otf' file extension) have Postscript curves and instruction sets and may be more useful for graphic artists or those with Postscript printers. The TrueType font (file with the '.ttf' extensions) are what most people would install if they are just using the fonts in a word processor program, or in emails.

Obviously, this font is a seasonal dingbat with cartoons and icons specifically meant for halloween. Use it in your cards, Halloween party posters, even in your emails. This font family will also lend itself well in creepy cartoons/comics.

This archive was put together by Doug Peters for Font-Journal using the fonts, sample images and license (in the README.TXT) directly downloaded from Jess Latham's official website (linked below). It has been rearranged in that the OTF & TTF versions of the font have been moved to the root of the archive so that they are all viewable in the online font repository catalog. This text has been added to document what's known about the font, the designer, the license, and offer relevant links to these sources.

This documented font distribution archive can be found at:

Jess Latham
Is a music and design nut from Falkville, Alabama. Jess Latham began designing typefaces in 1997. His commercial font foundry, Blue Vinyl Fonts, focuses mainly on display faces and ornamentals. Many of his commercial typefaces have made it to the best sellers list. You’ve probably seen his work in the aisles of the grocery store, book covers, magazines, television and many other places.

Of course, he also designs freeware fonts. You can check them all out on his website.





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