Romantique Initials

Version 1.000 (initial 2007 release), based on an alphabet design by Aridi.

Any and all copyrights are waived.

Possessor is granted license to do anything at all with this font, including but not limited to unlimited use, unlimited copying, decompilation, modification, redistribution, with the single exception that no use shall be made of this that is illegal, immoral, or fattening.

This font is a free font and webfont. It is catagorized by some leading font repositories as a Public Domain font, as it is, but despite the absence of an actual Copyright statement, and because there are stipulations on its use which limit use (if only barely, theoretically, or even just in jest), Font-Journal categorizes this as a Free font.

This font offers 54 codepoints in 53 glyphs. This is a highly decorative, all caps, uncial style, floral display font, but the upper and lower case letters are different. Although this is a handcrafted drawn uncial style monogram/initials font with capitals only, the uppercase and lowercase are negative impressions of the other, allowing creative manipulation such as combining the two cases as layers to offer a two color font. This font offers a relatively uniform letter width, but it isn't a fixed width font because the space is half the width of the characters. No numerals or punctuation. The relative height and width is nearly sqarish, but not quite, though that could easily be addressed in any program that allows typographic control. I want to to call the floral embellishments are crafted in a baroque decorative style, but it is probably more victorian.

This archive has been compiled and documented by Doug Peters of Symbiotic Design and is found to be safe (free of viruses, malware and trojans) with an archive home page at URL:

The author/artist of this digital font is listed only as "Character" with no known contact information. The original design is by Aridi, although no actual contact information is provided with the font distribution archive, I think I can reasonably assume that is the graphic letterforms found at:
However, please be aware that this link given above is an external link that I cannot trust as completely safe, as I am getting a report from Defender that it has been reported as not safe. Visit the link above at your own risk. However, I had no issue (but I did not download anything).

Fortunately, the actual font archive has been scanned for virueses and IS found to be safe.


The upper and lower case of each character can be combined to form a two-color character.

The space is exactly one-half the width of any of the initials.

The letterforms themselves were created from scanned images of a graphic alphabet designed by Aridi. The originals, in full color .eps and .bmp, are available from Aridi.

- Character
April, 2007

Personal use is allowed.
Charity work is allowed.
Commercial use is allowed.
WebFont use is allowed.
You may edit the font, modify the glyphs, extend the font character sets, or change the reserved font name using the source font file as much as you wish as long as the use is not illegal, immoral, or fattening.

You may convert this font for use in other formats, or for use on other device platforms, so long as the font remains intact and is not modified or otherwise altered in any way, such as changing the reserved font names or altering any individual glyphs.

This typeface is distributed 'as is' without any warranty. Neither the author of this typeface, nor any distributing party, shall be held liable for any damage derived from using this typeface.

You may redistribute this/these font(s), unchanged, preferably in its original archive as freeware. You may also modify the font, create derivative works.

The included font(s) may be embedded into any application such as a website, home page, PDF document, or mobile device app, independent of the number of the application users, even if the application itself does intend to distribute the font file(s) independent of its proper distribution archive, though the original archive integrity is highly encouraged.

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